Whole Month Clearing Now Available For This June!

Updated: May 21

So many of you have expressed how beneficial the 21 day clearing is, but that on the 22nd day you experience a crash in energy. By your request we are now offering the clearing to extend to the full month. The 21 day is still available as well. This is an excellent companion as you are experiencing the healings, as it will take some pressure off from the need to keep constant vigilance for protection.

We would like to point out for clarity that this is considered a Clearing, not a healing like you would experience on a group or one to one. This clearing is intended to keep one clear of entities and remote viewers, clear the meridian structure, clear 9 of the largest stuck layers of emotion around the heart chakra and detox the entire body daily. You will be placed in 27 esoteric merkaba fields bonded into 8 portals for these clearings. It is a huge benefit that allows the other healings to gain ground without any manipulation or interference.

Please visit our website, go to the ministry market and you will find the 21 Day Clearing. You will be sent confirmation and your name and email will be added to the list for Christopher to work with! Every day at 6pm Central time, the clearing will begin and run for 2 hours.

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