If prostate cancer is affecting the ability to urinate properly, would they need a one to one session?


With cancer it is good to do a few more focused healing sessions and fill in with these general groups. Even the specialized groups with only up to 9 people will allow a more focused energy on these specific needs.


There is a bump on my forehead growing and I was thinking of getting it checked out. My daughter thinks it might be cancer.  If it’s cancer, I’m thinking the Melchizedek Beings will take care of it.  I’m extremely opposed to having it checked out by a dermatologist.


Please come on at least 2 of these groups a week for four weeks before you consider the dermatologist. If it hasn't begun to shrink by then, I would be amazed.


Does it take a number of healings to break down a cancer tumor?

Yes and it always depends on the person. Often times there is a coinciding emotional cause for the development of the cancer. Once that layer is hit and released in the heart chakra or Sacral chakra...the healing speeds up rapidly.


Can you give me any assistance with breast cancer?


Breast cancer is addressed in this group healing.


I have stage 3 rectal cancer–a 5cm tumor, could you heal?


Yes. Christopher works with tumors and cancer all the time. It takes some time, but the energy will fry the tumor and turn it into mush, which is then released through the lymphatic system.