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events & Interviews

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Tea Time CHD.jpg

Christopher Macklin appears on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s television network, CHD.TV with host Polly Tommey! From October 2021.

Frequency Wars.jpg

Christopher Macklin joins Frequency Wars with host Tim Ray!
A brilliant film featuring revealing footage on Aliens, UFO's, government coverups, truth behind vaccines & more.

Starseed Awakening.jpg

Christopher Macklin is interviewed by the lovely Miesha Johnston! As a Dark Vault Insider you can access this exciting interview discussing E.T.s and the pandemic.

coast to coast.jpg

Christopher Macklin interviewed by host George Noory on Coast to Coast AM!
As a Coast to Coast Insider you can access this interview discussing E.T. influence, portals and manipulations. 

Project Camelot Banner.jpg

Christopher's interview with Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy! Access below this amazing discussion all about covid. 

Project Camelot Banner.jpg

From April 2nd 2021! Christopher's is interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot on the direct website linked below.

Project Camelot Banner.jpg

From September 28th 2022! Christopher's is interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot where they discuss the monetary system, the white hats and what's happening now.

Mysterious Radio Logo.jpg

Christopher discusses morgellons and the live particles and nanotechnology associated with the disease on this awesome radio show with host, K-Town.

Dare to Dream.jpg

Check Out Christopher's interview on Dare to Dream with Debbi Danchinger! Dare to Dream is an award winning transformational podcast full of inspiring and fascinating interviews!

Boundless A Ep 21.jpg

One of the latest podcast interviews in March 2022! With host Jehan Sattaur, Christopher has yet another fascinating interview discussing his healing work.

DNA butterfly.jpg

Access the recording of the truly mind blowing interview of Christopher with Dr. Hildy on One Cell One Light!

Lost Arts Radio.jpg

Access Christopher's Interview on Lost Arts Radio on Brighteon!

Battered Podcast.png

Check out this interesting podcast about the spiritual war we are experiencing, with Christopher and host Dylan Charles!

Banner Nicholas.jpg

Check out this explosive new interview as Christopher is discussing vaccines, nanotech and reptilians on We The People with host Nicholas Veniamin! 

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