The Divine Sovereignty Affirmation

Dear Source God/Goddess of all that is I come before you now Claiming my divine sovereignty WITH You And my rightful place of freedom & co-creation Upon THIS planet and ALL planets Through all space-time In every dimension. I proclaim in every now moment That I do not consent To ANY manipulation Or stealing of my energy On every level In every body Through all space-time continuum In every dimension. I proclaim in every now moment The conscious choice Of the Sacred Timeline Of Organic Ascension And the Natural Path Of Evolution, Growth and Expansion Free of All violations Of my own and your divine will And Intention. I support and assist Only that these Beings, Enterprises, energies and entities That are not directly connected to You Source God/Goddess of all that is, Be released to you with unconditional love To be re-directed or transmuted In only the way you know how. I thank you Source God/Goddess of all that Is And Send you My Unconditional Love. So Be It. Amen. ~Amanda Macklin

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Through teachings of Ancient Knowledge, Unconditional Love & Divine Healing the Truth of our Divine Sovereign Birthright is Revealed.

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