“I discovered Christopher in a series of videos, primarily the Project Camelot series, shortly after I followed along with an online prayer session which was very powerful and quite beneficial. Please keep in mind, I have been seeking & doing this type of healing work for decades and I found Chris's work to be very helpful in dealing with some residual Karmic energies and some from this lifetime.
After two sessions, of which I have several more I am able to quietly step away from emotional blockages and being stuck with pain at my "Heart" Chakra, as well as healing some physical ailments that we are working to great effect. For this people that know that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. I would highly recommend trying Chris's methods to aid in a more positive connection to life and sense of overall wellbeing.
Be well & remember to love.”

— Sincerely, Jon Tupta

"Tension in my lower-back/hips was gone. Brain fog cleared and has been great ever since."
ALL my issues have improved or gone!
Darla H.
I was dairy intolerant but
NOW its gone!
I eat ice cream and have no affects I previously experienced!
Lynn M.
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I was prepariing for knee surgery (minescus)before joining these sessions in April. No surgery needed
and knee feels healed.
Barbara H.