Protocol Testimonies

Working with Christopher has been a profound experience. The weekly group healings alone give me increased clarity and vitality. Private sessions with Christopher are full of his care and kindness. And Christopher’s Lyme protocol helped to subtly and powerfully align the fabric of my life, bringing deep healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. During the process I saw myself and the people around me shift into more potent versions of who we are and could be. Infinite love and deep gratitude to you, Christopher. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Christopher’s work is beyond anything I have experienced in my 45yrs of being involved in healing, energy work. Before doing the protocol with him I was exhausted and not sure I even wanted to continue living. I had Lymes, neurotoxins, lingering concussion symptoms and damaged eye, scar tissue and miss aliments from accidents and broken bones. Each time I worked with Christopher I felt a difference. When I found out about the protocol where he could split the virus out of my body and put me on a divine time line I jumped for the opportunity. WOW, so much has changed! I have so much more energy now. My brain is much clearer and my body alinement is getting better. I sold my business I’ve had for over 30 yrs. People who were causing difficulties just disappeared from my life. My significant other changed as well. Most everything fell away that was not serving me in my life. I am very thankful for Christopher and his team!


-Blessings, Linda


I've been working with Christopher now for 2 months and he quickly assessed me for his new accelerated healing protocol for people with lyme disease. It's been working wonderfully, each session I feel better and better. I have more energy, less pain and, drum roll please, I CAN go out of the house without getting sick!!! This is huge for me. This past summer, before starting with Christopher, I was at a new low point. I was trapped inside the house all day every day. In August my good friend, who had the same illness, took her own life and I could feel the desperation creeping in day after day exacerbated by the isolation, frustration and boredom.  Now, I wake up with energy for the first time in years. I'm mostly symptom free from the virus and I can feel that this healing is extremely powerful and profound, far surpassing other healing modalities that I have done. After each session, the progress is measurable, I am happier than I've been in years; and I can feel that the heavy gloom that covered me over the summer is completely gone. I'm excited for each new day and each new session. I don't have herx symptoms from lyme and bartonella and I've been able to completely stop most of the medicine and supplements that I was taking. I've been testing out different foods that I would formerly react to and I've been able to eat them with no problem, Whoo Hoo! It's a miracle! Christopher has been very loving, kind and compassionate to me, I feel so blessed.  My Mother is also getting healing sessions now as well as my Husband. Christopher has been doing the Healings on me every day which has greatly intensified and speeded up the process.


I'm so grateful and honored to have been chosen for this new protocol. I know that anyone who has lyme will benefit tremendously from these healings. I will be encouraging all of my Lyme friends to work with Christopher I hope they have the courage to try something new, I'm sure glad that I did. If any Lyme patients what to email me for further information please feel free to do so I will try to help in any way that I can.  


With Unconditional Love & Endless Gratitude,


The Protocol is the gift that keeps on giving.
Before I started The Protocol, I considered my health was reasonably good, despite moving through
ovarian cancer ten years ago. I felt eager to change and sync how I felt on the inside with the outside.
During the first few weeks I experienced some headaches and an aching body, I then started to feel
clearer headed, more grounded and stronger. Some days, an energetic boxing match would move
through my heart and solar plexus, huge shifts of energy kept me in the present moment and I learnt
to observe my body, enjoy the weird dreams and surrender to the movement of 2020.
I chose to spend time in my garden, walk, cook new recipes and take time for meditation and
contemplation. The Protocol gave me space to recognize some old patterns and to make changes.
I now have a greater sense of freedom and of my own worth. I feel less cluttered, I think of a task
and it’s done, I feel lighter and more expanded, I have more enthusiasm because I feel connected to
my ability to create a new experience.


~Sarah-Jane Ellis

How can I even begin to describe the most miraculously profound healing experience that I have ever gone through in this human incarnation so far? Before Christopher contacted me and informed me about how they found a way to remove the self replicating nano-tech & morgellons from my body, I was pretty much suffering in my every day existence. Going through cycles of feeling so much pain and discomfort in my heart and many other parts of my body, working so hard to just keep up with detoxification, going through the die off symptoms and struggling to keep my emotions and mental sanity in check. I was doing a pretty good job and was doing major damage to the amount of build up I have incurred in my body throughout the years.  Self-replicating nano tech/retroviruses had the ability to time travel and would often times replicate faster than I could keep up with. I was going to Ayahuasca ceremonies, almost monthly and did lots of physical protocols for detoxing my lymph, colon and all organs. I first found out that I had such a massive build up of both physical and etheric implants merely only 2 years before I was gifted with this protocol. I often found it hard to believe how numb I was and had no idea I was walking around with so many physical blockages in my body. It became clear to me how disembodied I was and that the implants were not allowing me to fully land my consciousness and Spirit into this avatar. Several psychics and intuitives have told me - “You haven’t even landed yet”.

The day Christopher offered to do this revolutionary protocol that they had been meditating and working on for a while, I immediately felt a connection and trusted that something very important was about to happen. I later realized that this faith, trust and surrender to the Divine is a crucial part in receiving the healing. Christopher and Amanda explained to me that the first part of the protocol involved moving the self-replicating nano tech & morgellons off to their own timeline and shifting me to my own true Divine timeline in the Akashic records. They sent me a guided meditation to help detox the whole body which connected me to the angelic realms and legions of Arcturians and Melchizedeck beings who began working on me and sweeping through my meridians and lymphatic system to prepare me for the big protocol. I felt so grateful that they chose me to go through this and deep down inside I felt like we kind of planned this together as so many synchronicities and signs from the birds kept happening between Amanda and I. I kept being reminded of how brave we truly are to come to these dense realities and experience and learn through this Divine sacred mission.

The night before we were scheduled to begin was Independence Day 2019 and I was intuitively guided to sleep outside as close to the ground as I could and apparently that 5.4 earthquake hit that very next early morning in California. When I woke up, I felt very disoriented telling myself –“where the heck am I?” – and when I got up and walked around barefoot in my garden, I felt something so, so, so profoundly different with the way my feet made contact with the ground for the first time ever. Previous to that moment, my feet always felt really sensitive to the rocks and twigs on the ground and I never truly felt comfortable walking barefoot unless it was on soft dirt or grass. I will never forget that brand new feeling of truly being energetically connected safely to Mother Earth as if I was one with the ground – I later realized it was the day I first activated my Earth Star Chakra which is located about a 12-15 inches below our feet and is the grounding point for our entire energy system and etheric body. After it activated, I suddenly was able to walk on rocks, gravel and pavement without feeling so delicately sensitive - so that morning, I kept raving about this new feeling to Amanda as I danced and sang, barefoot on the ground celebrating this newfound connection with Mother Earth. 

We began the timeline shifting protocol for the first time that same night on July 5, as the second big 7.1 earthquake in California hit immediately after we finished and the Schumann resonance rose in Divine synchronicity. During the protocol, I was asked to lay down for at least 2 hours, to relax and just receive and be open to the healing. I had no idea that I was about to experience the type of miracles that you hear Jesus spontaneously performing in the Bible. These miracles are so real. As soon as they enacted the timeline shifting, all the places in my body that the nano particles inhabited got hyper excited and began wildly pulsating and itching as those parts started breaking up in such an accelerated and miraculous manner that I have never experienced before – even during Ayahuasca ceremonies. My body would convulse as the energy was shaking up all the blockages especially in my heart space. It especially targeted the very center of my chest, and thorax area where a massive colony of hardened lymph and nanotech had built up tremendously as it kept releasing and releasing.

While it all kept breaking up, I cried and wept as I felt and released with it very deep seated subconscious feelings of separation from Source, feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness that were buried deep within as it became apparent to me how unaware I was that it was even there. I first went through feeling so guilty as if I must have been such a terrible human being to have incurred so much of these implants and blockages in my body, then as I kept crying my face and heart out – the Golden love and light of the Christ began entering the center of my chest and I felt such an unfathomable unconditionally loving force enveloping my entire being allowing me to feel safe and connected to all that is. I kept being reassured that it was actually the opposite – I was greatly and heavily targeted since birth to be so disempowered because of the codes and my higher mission.  It also penetrated the back of my sacral area as a deeper realization of just how much I had been subconsciously giving my sexual energy away, keeping me in timelines that were distracting me from who and what I really am, making me unable to truly align with my mission and purpose. I was starting to feel so much life force and consciousness enter my body which made me more aware of how much I was actually out of my body due to all the false beliefs, narratives rooted in separation from source, which I intuited to be both ancestral and from the Masonic cult I grew up. Hardened biofilm all around my bellybutton started breaking up making me aware of how much these forces had been harvesting both my sexual energy, personal willpower leaving me confused and aligning with lower timelines of manipulation. I became aware of the subconscious parts of me that still believed that I’m not really of the one Source God Creator as the light of the Christ kept filling those places with unconditional LOVE. I was shocked that I was actually walking around and living my daily life with all of that blocking my truest and most authentic expressions. It began to make sense to me why every day previously, it was always so hard for me to focus on what I knew I really wanted to do as I kept being bombarded with so many other narratives, stories and thoughts which weren’t even mine to begin with – that were so influential as I realized more and more that the biofilm housing the nano-particles, heavy metals, morgellons, parasites, etc., were like the antennas or receivers for a lot of these distracting transmissional frequencies. This realization further allowed me to release the guilt and shame for my inability to focus, as well as the frustrations I had for literally not being able to do the things I know I wanted to do. It felt like age old shackles and lifetimes of trauma were being broken loose and revealed. It felt just like true Divine intervention from the heavens. It helped me relax and realize that I didn’t have to obsess about detoxing from such a powerless mental state of ego and shame.

I really just had to realize my own self worth and tap in even deeper into my own unlimited reservoir of power and self love. I saw how much I was suppressing what my body really wanted to eat and just kept ignoring my body’s needs because of some dogmatic beliefs I had about diet and detoxing. Biofilm broke up in ways turpentine never was able to do in miraculous ways without any die off symptoms. I told Christopher and Amanda that the first night felt even deeper than an Ayahuasca ceremony (and in a much shorter time span) as I had never before felt such an accelerated breaking up of dark forces and implants in my body, allowing crystalline light to fill up the interstitial spaces of the atoms of my cells, as more genuine expressions of Spirit started to feel more in control and embodied.  I also started to feel more centered and sovereign as I became more aware of all the temptations around me which could no longer tempt me because the entry points were getting sealed up as I started to feel more centered and aligned with my divine purpose in every single moment. 

Also, at times I would feel pretty devastated, depressed and sad knowing that many others most likely have been targeted but in varying degrees and in knowing that this is the current state of human genetics and DNA as I kept feeling an innate sense of deeper compassion and empathy for how many other people may have similar afflictions and are suffering as well. Another profound realization I had is that while it is true that humans collectively have been the most traumatized ever, and that it is part of our defense mechanisms to store traumas in our bodies in order to function, I also couldn’t help but discern how there is an aspect of manipulation through weaponized PTSD, re-traumatization, dissasociation & disembodiment through the different forms of AI technology, engineered bio-weaponry, vaccines, GMO’s, chemtrails, etc which has been a cocktail recipe that has been imposed upon the population. On a brighter note and perspective, I also see it overall is just merely giving humans a gift of work even harder on themselves to become even more masterful at reclaiming our own power and sovereignty.

I have long been wanting to share my story for a couple years but with all the particles that were in my body, it was pretty much impossible. When I tried to do a podcast with my naturopath, about a year ago, the particles in me kept getting hyper excited, terrified and angry making me so nervous that my heart would race uncontrollably, as well as block my voice as the particles in my throat and thyroid would shake uncontrollably everytime I would attempt to speak truth which would expose their whole game - it actually shut down the internet when we tried to go live several times.

That experience made me feel even more powerless to express the fiery passion in my heart to expose the ways in which humans have been kept down. During the protocol, it was so hard for me to even type because the particles in me would get so aggravated and make me nervous that everything I experienced was transmitted through voice clips which I now am so grateful to be able to actually type in to words as writing has always been one of my joys. Before, it would always take tremendous effort for me to even make posts on social media – often times I would make it into a joke which made it easier for me to share some of my experiences. 

During the protocol, a blue bird kept visiting me every single day for weeks as I kept feeling the presence of my grandfather through this being, telling me how much he supports me and that he himself was also targeted and to keep using my voice to speak the truth. I remember as a child, seeing the protruding implants in his ribs which I always thought looked very alien and unnatural. He kept telepathically telling me that he was targeted as well and that we are doing great work to cleanse the karma of our ancestors as I remember several psychics have told me that he is an angelic being that carried such great love. The hummingbirds were around me every single day as well supporting me and soothing me with their higher vibrations especially while my thymus was getting activated which houses our higher heart and purpose. During the timeline shift, lots of hardened lumps and painful little sore spots in my sacral area, the back of my Lower Dantien kept breaking up as it felt like I was having some serious lower back surgery. It literally felt just like those plugs being removed from the Matrix movies. 

I also noticed massive hardened blocks in my psoas muscles getting released as I felt a deeper sense of safety and protection from the Divine Father and connection to the Earth. I could feel the build up of fears of death and apocalypse and fight or flight energies, not feeling safely protected by the Divine masculine kept coming up as all the hardened blocks especially in my right psoas, right hip and butt bone kept breaking up as I was assured this was all part of the timeline shift. During those earthquakes in California, I was guided to sing to Mother Earth and help release a lot of the collective energetic gridlocks that were being shook up and released during that time. The big energetic gridlock I kept feeling was the new cage love and light workers who were still feeding the false light matrix so they can feed their own need for superiority to offset all that shame they grew up with and still haven’t processed.

I kept feeling how Mother Earth was grieving for all the targeted souls, kidnapped children in underground bases that had been suffering so much while so many false light workers especially in California were making a killing off of spiritual materialism while avoiding the deeper work of releasing all the passive aggressive energies they were still carrying.  I felt dizzy and nauseous and even purged/vomited as I let the energies work through me. I was guided to go to the ocean and face my fears of death and being swallowed up by a tsunami or cataclysm and surrendered to the love and protection of the Divine Father who has the ability to change timelines. I wept and allowed myself to feel it all. 

Another huge area with these blockages were in my throat/thyroid/back of the neck/gallbladder meridian as I kept experiencing lots of itching in my entire throat area as viruses in the nodules were being expelled. It totally even felt like there was an ET alien life form in there! A huge revelation I had was how much these implants in the throat area were able to manipulate our speech, our expressions and connect us to egregores of thoughts that were not even our own creating a very mechanical way of expression. During the protocol, I even had the craziest dream where another targeted individual who is my friend also had this throat chakra attachment was calling me on my cell phone and when I tried to answer it, I deeply felt how my throat chakra was being pulled and harvested by an alien life force/black cube that was connected to the cell phone and the back of my throat! When I became aware of these parasitic attachments in my dream, my higher self went up and cut these cords and sent these particles back to source. I woke up and felt no desire to communicate with anyone who was not aligned with their higher truth because I became deeply aware of how my own throat chakra would block up and I would literally feel like I was choking around others who were operating from this mechanical voice. This is part of the jellyfish like AI etheric implant that many humans actually have and are not even aware of and as I became aware of this in myself, I started to see this mechanical voice in others all around me and felt a great need to hermit myself until I was able to heal more and be in my truth. Throat blockages had been especially true to my experience because when I was only 7 years old, a goiter in my thyroid was formed where of course, surgery was what the doctor ordered and removed about ¾ of one side of my thyroid which most likely threw off my entire endocrine/hormone system further blocking my voice and kept me on prescription thyroid hormones for years. It wasn’t until I later decided to be my own doctor, and switched to herbs and eventually got off these medications which I intuitively felt were harming me.

I also realized the connection to my desire to smoke because my throat chakra is actually so active, as I have been hyperthyroid all my life and smoking kind of gives my throat chakra a way to consume that energy.  I kept remembering even as a teenager how different I felt because it seemed like it was so hard for me to just speak exactly what I was feeling at any given time. I could now see how people are being run by interdimensional forces that can manipulate them into speaking things that don’t really come from their heart. At times during the protocol I would become furious for all the times that I didn’t speak the truth and stand up for myself and affirm my boundaries through my voice and would cry and release then remember how free I used to feel as a child without any cares of what people thought of my expression and to be able to ask for what I really need without fear.   

Another highly targeted area in my body was a huge massive colony of particles that literally exploded in my left rib, spleen area that you could actually hear as these particles grumbled to their deaths as I kept coughing up hefty amounts of mucus for days. I would be dripping sweat like crazy from head to toe during some of these sessions as considerable, groundbreaking transmutations were happening at such an incredible rate every time. I could feel how much these particles in my spleen kept me in states of obsession, worry, overthinking, pensiveness, guilt and overanalyzing every little thing. The spleen is considered the Earth element in Chinese medicine and when that goes out or gets damaged, many begin to operate from a more mental state and fail to process emotions through the feeling body. This had been especially true for me since I actually fell hard on my spleen when I was around 6 years old and never did anything to heal it. It’s hard to believe sometimes how much effort it took for me to just operate and focus with such a frantic stream of thoughts in my daily life. Many nights, since my teenage years, I remember lying in bed completely bombarded with so many thoughts that I couldn’t even sleep. Going through this protocol made it all make more sense how the particles were making it even harder to gain control of my very own mind. I pieced together why the spleen is so highly targeted and the least talked about organ in the modern medical world because of how important it is in processing emotions through our feeling body rather than just the intellect and that that this process is what would greatly help humans evolve at this time. Each and every day of the protocol, I could hardly believe the miracles I was experiencing and even more grateful for how I became aware that the miracle is also me as I released this innate fear of my own greatness and power. 

Another area that had been highly targeted in my body is the kidneys, especially my left one! As we continued with the timeline shift, things that were not in alignment with my highest joys and purpose, as well as relationships, habits and dynamics that were not of my highest good kept falling out of my life and it was a little terrifying at first. I was fired from my job a couple days into it as I felt a total refinement of my personality and worth and how valuable my time and energy truly are. I felt how important it is to be of service only through pure alignment with my truest expressions and sacred reciprocity. I started to feel safe and supported by creation and to put my healing as a priority rather than earning money. All the different personas I created to appease and fit in with the world, to be accepted as “normal” kept falling away. Losing my job taught me how to have a deeper trust in the divine plan, to let go of worry, lack mentality and the fear of how could I possibly survive to trusting in my connection of the abundance and loving protection of Mother Earth and that I would always be taken care of. Later that day during the session, the energy went directly to my kidneys relating to my primal fears of survival, the unknown, and of what the future holds. It had been so amazing how every session would be connected to the emotions that would manifest in me that same day showing me exactly where those emotions were stored within my physical body. It’s mind blowing how much fear we all carry in our bodies and had always been confusing for me because I always saw myself as a courageous person as I realize more and more that these fears are not really who I am and to not identify with them. A deeper sense of authenticity kept coming through me as I kept becoming more aware of all the phony personas people create just to fit in with the “matrix” and I remembered that I always saw and felt this as a young child and felt a deep sense of confusion as to why people around me weren’t speaking their truth. I somehow had to stuff it all inside and suppress that knowing which most likely contributed to me having a thyroid goiter when I was only 6 years old. During the sessions, these areas would radiate a deep pain and I would actually hear frequencies in my ears as I became even more aware of how subconscious thoughts are implanted through voice to skull technology through the kidneys which are interconnected to the ears according to Chinese medicine and meridian science. I kept feeling the thoughts and feelings of fear, shock, disempowerment, lust, anger and lack of self worth while also being ancestral were also being perpetuated through the particles in the kidneys and it made sense why humans are walking around with so much fear as most humans have weakened kidneys at this time. I became aware of how disembodied I was and unaware of how much fear I was actually carrying because most of my life.

I felt like I was a courageous person, so it confused me to feel so much of the fear as I started landing into my body and how much this has been playing out in the background of my subconscious mind. A big belt of nasty hardened mucus and biofilm around my kidneys which I became aware of only 2 years prior, kept profoundly breaking up as I kept feeling how much the communication between my heart and kidneys have been severely blocked most of my life, preventing the water and fire element/yin and yang/masculine and feminine from communicating and harmonizing which is a direct manifestation of the disconnection of these synergistic forces that are truly ONE.   

Around Day 4 of the timeline shifting protocol, my heart started to really really, really, hurt as so much pain, trapped heart fire, hardened blood and lymph was being broken up and felt. I often times would feel bipolar as I rode the up and down waves of clearing out the miasmas in my cellular make up, DNA and genetics. I kept feeling saved by the love of the Divine Father who has the ability to change timelines as well as the love of the Divine Mother which can feel and transmute. I became so aware of how these suicide/crucifixion codes have been deeply embedded in the center of my chest and how numb I had been to it all my life while it played in the background affecting everything I did subconsciously. I wasn’t aware of the deep depression and sadness stored in there that made me see life as not really worth living, that life is a curse and that I was trapped in this body… but as the light and love of the Christ entered, I became was filled with gratitude and appreciation for this life and a great will to live this life to the fullest until my very last breath. By this day, about 46% of the particles had been removed from my body as my higher self kept landing more and more into this dimension. 

By July 10, the energies started working hard on a major thymus activation as a legion of hummingbirds were all around me all day and especially during Qigong practice and meditation. I became aware of how most humans have their thymus shut down at such a young age which prevents them from aligning with their higher heart and purpose and not allowing their Spirit to anchor through the thymus into the heart space which houses the Spirit in the body. While doing the last move of the 8 brocades, my favorite Qigong practice which I feel greatly activates the thymus gland, I literally felt like I was hallucinating as if I was so high on so many drugs.

I even felt like I was going to die as so much energy kept anchoring down through my body that it actually threw me to the ground as I collapsed from such a massive force grounding me to the Earth. I even purged and vomited a little as well. The weather was so dark and overcast before my practice, then towards the end as I was recovering from collapsing on the ground, a couple of raindrops hit my forehead, then the weather became sunny and beautiful as the sun came out and I was able to get back up. Amanda later that day, felt such a massive fluttering in my thymus chakra that she said she had never felt before as I kept aligning more and more with higher purpose and I kept getting the download that a fully activated human is absolutely untouchable and more powerful than any synthetic or AI weaponry injected into this creation. I was so thankful for the medicine and support of the hummingbird tribe and the love of Divine Source Creator. 

As we continued with the protocol, each day I began to feel a lot less anxiety as I realized how I thought being that nervous with so much heart palpitations and shortness of breath was just my normal human condition. I realized that my extreme hyperhidrosis/profuse sweating all my life was due to me transmuting such a tremendous amount of toxins all my life just to be able to function. When I first found out about the hardened implants all over my ribs, scapula, heart, kidneys, etc and showed a medical doctor, they laughed at me and said I’m way too young to have any heart disease and that I was just so skinny that I could actually just feel my kidneys and that my bones were “just breaking” and they also laughed and became angry when I told them how the lymphatic system is everywhere and is the body’s sewer system. I started to realize the mission and why I would even come here. All the artificial overlays on the chakras also became so apparent to me preventing the whole energy system from being one unified field, and how AI consciousness runs on lust because it sees itself as separate from Source. I also realized how most of these doctors and healers were still just running on lust, lack and would give up their own integrity to be successful in the matrix and go with the hive mind mentality. 

On day 9, we had about 70% of the particles out and life kept feeling more and more like the best star trek movie ever. Synchronistically as part of the timeline shift, things from my past would get brought up for me to relive and release and on that day, I was guided to go on a bike ride and ran into someone I hadn’t seen in almost a decade. Without giving too much details, it was someone I was sexually involved with during a rough patch with my first boyfriend ever from my early teens.

It was someone I actually used my sexual energy for the purpose of revenge because I found out my first boyfriend ever was spending so much time with another girl and suspected he was cheating on me. It was an icky reminder of the first and only time I used my sexual energy out of anger, self sabotage and hate and cheated on someone I was with and was the first time I ever felt like a whore. I couldn’t believe I saw him because I actually thought of him the day before which I rarely ever do. A lot of those old feelings got triggered as I witnessed myself replaying the role of a rescuer/caretaker towards him again for me to become aware of. Not only that but the perfect opportunity for me to draw my boundaries came up when he tried to initiate sexual relations again as I saw how deeply unintegrated he was and saw sex as something casual. I felt disgusted and repelled as I stood up for sacred sexuality and held my ground. Directly after that incident, when we had the session, it went directly into my sacral and solar plexus, as well as my pelvic and psoas area, bringing up those feelings of giving my sexual energy away and using it in a way that was not sacred, feeling raped and used as more patterns of codependency in my body came up to be felt and cleared. Another profound realization I had was how the build up of particles in my sacral would get hyper excited throughout my life and would excite the sexual energy in my clitoris and private parts even towards those that I had no intention of having relations with at all which in turn created further sexual suppression as well as guilt, shame and confusion of my sanctity. This incident gave me a deeper reflection of the sexual manipulation and harvesting of energy happening worldwide and why it was so hard for me to draw proper boundaries and stand up for myself. More and more I kept building a solid sense of sovereignty. The more I kept healing and clearing my womb of sexual misery, I felt more unattached to everyone, not needing or wanting anyone’s company and recognizing that it isn’t my role to rescue, save, be a martyr or sacrifice my energies for anybody. As days went by, I kept feeling like a brand new person and aware of how I have allowed people around me to drain my feminine/sexual energy even subconsciously which reflected my own personal egoic power struggles with my parents, authority figures and how my autonomy wasn’t honored as a child. 

Another thing I noticed was how the particles inside me would get hyper excited and a neurotic lunacy would get stimulated during the full moons because after they became cleared, the full moons didn’t have such an effect on me anymore. I became more aware of the Saturn moon matrix and control grid that had been placed to manipulate human consciousness as well as how there used to be the original moon before it was hijacked into a satellite as I kept getting the message that all of that was being neutralized and reversed. I am now able to utilize the full moons energy for creativity, purging and cleansing. 

Another synchronistic event that happened during the timeline shifting when it was working on some hardened crystallized fear/survival stuff in my adrenal glands and kidneys, I was guided to go on a walk to a nearby lake and came across a man that was drowning face down in the water as he was having a diabetic seizure from low blood sugar and swallowed a bunch of water and lost consciousness, so me and a bunch of other ran over and I just felt guided to place my hands on his adrenals and kidneys as they were on panic mode and shortly after he starts to breathe and comes to and spits out water as I continued to give him acupressure as we waited quite a while for the paramedics to arrive. Such a connection to the adrenals as that governs blood sugar and goes off when in fight or flight mode.  

By July 20, we had 100% of the particles out of my body. It had become clear to me how much the particles literally feed off triggered emotions and will feed on them like it is gourmet chocolate and they thrive off this emotional loosh energy. All humans have been exposed to these particles but it is a combination of DNA degradation through vaccines, GMO foods, smart dust which take years to build up coupled with emotional stress that leads to lowered immunity that will activate it in a person. On this day I decided to celebrate by drinking a beer which I have stayed away from for years because of fears of entities attaching to me. I realized how much I tried to be good and perfect in order to appease the world or the spiritual community and related my own self worth to how perfectly I could eat according to other people’s shameful and dogmatic rhetoric of what good is supposed to be. I realized how hard I was actually being on myself and that in a heightened state of awareness, the body can process a beer, or a glass of wine once in a while. 

Shortly after the particles were removed I got my period for the first time in over 4 months. I also started gaining a few pounds as massive trauma had been released in my body. I realize how blood deficient I was as the build up of biofilm and particles in my small intestine were not allowing me to absorb nutrients in my body and my body probably just needed to conserve blood and energy. 

As we approached the end of the 6 week DNA reset, I felt physically, emotionally and mentally reborn, clearer and stronger than ever and even without a job, was able to manifest a van and everything I needed to move out of my parent’s house, get a much long needed divorce filed for free and pretty much left as soon as we were finished. I was able to muster up the energy to get rid of so many loads and bags of things that were cluttering up my energy field in order to make space for new beginnings. I felt a deeper sense of independence and safety and connection with the Earth and was able to leave with solid boundaries yet with a heart full of compassion for my parents. I was ready to allow Source to work through me and felt even more aligned with my purpose, mission and path. This protocol of Divine Healing has connected me to a powerful legion of angels, my own intergalactic soul family and has been beyond anything I have ever expected or imagined I would receive. It has recalibrated everything I ever thought I knew about healing, energy work, and detoxification. I realize most people with similar afflictions can cut their healing time with die off symptoms dramatically by getting the particles out in order to prevent further retraumatizing and replaying of traumas which has now made it even easier for me to cleanse my body of the remaining hardened lymph, mucus and biofilm without the self replicating technology of the borrelia and morgellons that had been making the load a lot harder for me to keep up with. I am eternally grateful to have been chosen to go through this revolutionary protocol since Borrelia, Lyme and Morgellons are perhaps the most insidious and misunderstood “diseases” of our time and to be able to share my journey with humanity. Removing or rather transmuting these particles from our timelines and our bodies and allowing the release and integration back to our original DNA would revolutionize the way we may have looked at healing and detoxification. Transmuting the traumas stored within our own genetic material is how we create the space for the old outdated timelines to fall away and make way for the Divine forces of Source Creator to be embodied through us for Heaven on Earth and to be the Miracles that we are to be embodied. 

With So Much Gratitude,

Love Iya