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enlightened heart

Sharing circle


weekly communions to

connect our hearts (75).png (74).png (74).png

The Enlightened Heart Sharing Circle brings together loving, like hearted individuals to assist each other in processing both our own emotions and of others in the collective of humanity.


We are all on different paths, we all have a story that brings us here. We need each other, not to spread the negative of this world but help each other on this healing journey and connect through our shared emotional experiences.


Our deepest intent in creating this beautiful group is to see the connections develop between all of the beautiful souls we have had the privilege of meeting and working with.

You are important to this universe! Please join us in sharing your enlightened heart with others!

For any questions or comments related to our sharing circle, you may email us here:


Register for the Enlightened

Heart Sharing Circle Here!


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Every Friday

we come together

at 3pm Central

 4pm EST

 1pm PST (73).png
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