protocol detail

The work for this new protocol is done directly with the Akashic records of each individual which hold all of the possible timelines and outcomes that a person might access during their life. During the first 12-13 weeks (more or less), Christopher, with the assistance of the Melchizedek beings and with permission from Creator, God, or whichever you prefer to call Source, reorganizes future timelines in order to facilitate the healing process while placing you on a timeline of Divine health and wellness where the illness cannot exist. The illness is then placed on a separate future timeline away from the individual. On a daily basis, Christopher and the Melchizedek beings continue to accelerate the healing through separating the illness out onto a timeline that is further and further away from the timeline the individual is on. After running this process on an individual for approximately 12-13 weeks in a row, the individual will be on a new timeline with a much higher trajectory where the illness can no longer exist and any residual particles of the illness will continue to leave your body as it integrates to this new timeline.

The set time for the first 12-13 weeks which is the timeline splitting portion of the protocol is 1pm Central US time. This is when Christopher will be re-instating the splitting of the timelines 3 times. There is no zoom call or anything that you need to join – it is just done remotely by Christopher every single day, even on the weekends. Although it is not required for you to be laying down every day at this time, it is suggested because we feel that your presence, awareness, deep breathing and stillness can allow you to experience and feel more of the healing energies. Please place yourself in a tranquil energetic/emotional space for about 1- 2 hours as much as possible so you can get the most out of this experience. As the illnesses are leaving your body, you may experience what may seem like die off symptoms, a re-emergence of symptoms, deeply seeded emotions being released, where we suggest you listen to your body and allow yourself as much time to process, rest and integrate the shifts and upgrades as needed. 


You will be able to express your feedback and ask any questions about your experience by email and through Katt in our office by phone who will communicate with Christopher as you move into your new timeline.

Christopher will interview and speak with everyone before it begins, to ensure that the person is ready. He will also do periodic group meetings to check in on how you are progressing. You may send an email to or call our office with questions or to request being put on the list for this groundbreaking new protocol.


After everyone in the group has reached 100% of the timeline splitting portion of the protocol, the group will then go through the 2nd portion of the protocol which is the DNA reset. So for another 10-12 weeks, a DNA change is invoked in order to help repair and heal the damage done to the DNA by the illness, so that it is robust again and the stealth pathogens won't be able to return and anchor into the body, your immune system will then be stronger to fight off any viral exposure, as well as activate junk/dormant DNA strands which greatly strengthens your connection to Source. It is the combination of the DNA damage from vaccines, the stress of this 3rd dimensional world, GMO's/agrobacterium and the particles sprayed on us that allow these illnesses to anchor into the body. Once the DNA has been repaired and healed to be more robust, even when exposed to the same stealth pathogens, it won't be able to anchor in and replicate and your immunity against all viruses is also greatly increased. We do suggest avoiding GMO foods but also doing the food prayers on what you eat since it is almost impossible to completely avoid them in this world. 


We also advise to continue with the deep inner work of releasing the layers of trapped emotions from the body as well as identifying the accompanying root patterns of the mind, continue detoxing the body as we still live in a pretty toxic world, doing routine energy work through our general group healings or meditations or whatever spiritual practices and modalities you prefer to keep raising your vibration to maintain the momentum of the huge consciousness shift that has occurred through the protocol. (74).png (73).png