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the divine ceremony

to dismantle and dissolve

the negative agendas and manipulations

on our planet


A Message from Amanda Macklin

 "What IS the Divine Ceremony?"

Our powerful ceremony and comprehensive map of intent to dismantle and dissolve

the darkness, manipulations and violations happening on our planet. These include all archonic covenants, satanic and luciferian rituals. They also include any nefarious intent that serves to keep our world in imbalance and manipulate our organic and natural sovereign right to evolve free. 


THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION: to all who are unafraid to use their light to call out the darkness, to name it and to send it back to Source God with love. Love is the Power that dispels this evil that has been allowed to manipulate humanity for far too long. There has NEVER been a more vital time for us to come together and dissolve these influences from our world.


We need you, every single one of you. Your divine sovereign power and purpose. Your love and your divine intention.



Our Next Ceremony is Saturday,
June 8th, 2024
 at 2pm Central.
Register by clicking the button below!
We wish for many more aligned souls to come together  for this most important Ceremony.

In This Divine Ceremony:


We will begin by putting every individual into their own sacred space with portals bonded into merkaba fields. This is to ensure you will not be contaminated by other energies. (We will run the protection for 72 hours after the ceremony.) Christopher will do a clearing of any entities or remote viewers and then you will be infused with ultimate dimension energy or tachyon energy depending on your body. Finally the merkaba fields will be spun. This will boost your vibration and in turn the power of of your intention and divine will in your participation during the ceremony.

We will then proceed through the ceremony. We will be dismantling and dissolving all satanic and luciferian rituals, archonic covenants, black magic, all agencies and technologies that are being used for malevolent purposes and all individuals participating in pedophilia, human trafficking or crimes against humanity and the animals of our planet.

We will be bringing them before God/Goddess, Prime Creator, Source of all that is for justice and transmutation in only the way Source knows how. We do this with forgiveness and with unconditional love for it is not for us to judge. However it IS for us to claim the world and the timeline that we agree to participate in. Violation and manipulation is not a part of that New Earth.

We look forward to seeing you and feeling your amazing presence in the ceremony. Please gather as many aligned souls as you can to participate with us. We cannot emphasize enough how IMPORTANT this truly is. Thank you for your presence!

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