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daily comprehensive Clearing


This comprehensive daily clearing is a massive assistive tool and companion to the healing and path toward sovereignty that you are on.​


It is very powerful to have that daily infusion of ultimate dimension energy and remain clear of remote viewers and entities as you are going through other aspects of your healing process. This also assists you with knowing you are being placed in 27 merkaba fields of proctection every single day. 

We offer the whole month for a donation of $120.

This clearing will activate at 6pm Central time every day. There is nothing you need to do and it is your choice to stop and be present for that moment or go about with your day as needed. 


What is included in the clearing is the removal of entities, remote viewers, spells, curses, and ancient rituals. You will be placed in a portal and surrounded in 27 esoteric merkaba fields. Meridian lines will be cleared and then the infusion of ultimate dimensional energy or tachyon energy depending on the body of the person. The biofield and akashic records/timelines will be cleared and then there will be 9 of the biggest layers of the stuck emotion around the heart chakra removed. Then the whole body detox will commence. You will be placed in a sphere of protection at the end. This is done completely remotely and there is no meeting or call to attend.

Sign Up By Clicking the Box Below. 

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Healing Sessions are done REMOTELY via telephone or SKYPE, Online Groups are done through ZOOM.US.

Christopher works WORLD-WIDE doing remote Healing Sessions, payments for donations may be made directly through our office in Missouri.

Please call or email us for additional

information and scheduling: 

(417) 334~6200

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