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Lyme Disease

New Healing Protocol

For Lyme, Morgellons, HIV/AIDS & Agent Orange

(These are the manufactured diseases created with spirochetes and nanotech.)

In this 8 to 10 week healing protocol for Lyme, Morgellons, HIV/AIDS and Agent Orange, Christopher works directly with the Akashic records of an individual. These records hold all of the possible timelines and outcomes that a person might access during their life. The idea of multiple timelines within the multiverse is scientifically addressed in the realm of quantum physics.


During the first 28 days of the protocol, Christopher, with the assistance of the angelic realm and with permission from the Divine, manipulates future timelines in order to facilitate the healing process. The future timelines are accessed and the individual is placed on the timeline of their divine path, where the illness cannot exist. The illness (nanotech and then spirochetes) is then placed on a separate future timeline away from the individual to be cleansed. On a daily basis, Christopher and the angelic realm continue to accelerate the healing through separating the illness out onto timelines that are further and further away from the divine timeline the individual is on.


After running this process on an individual for approximately 28 days in a row, the illness is no longer present within the individual’s physical body at all.


Then, over the next 6 to 8 weeks, a DNA change is invoked and created in order to heal the damage done by the illness. This is to help repair and heal the DNA so that it becomes robust again. Once the DNA has been repaired and healed, it’s imperative that the individual not eat GMO foods or have vaccinations, both of which contain agrobacterium which damages the DNA, making it susceptible to the spirochetes and nanobacteria which create changes within the body and anchor in various illnesses.


Throughout this process, you can expect a variety of responses, the primary one being an extreme amount of emotion moving through and even a feeling that could be described as "bi-polar" like. Because of this, you will be able to express your feedback daily and discuss anything you have questions about with a very gifted guide. This woman, Iya, was the first to experience the protocol and is very familiar with it. She will be able to communicate any vital parts of your process with Christopher as you move into your new timeline.

This protocol will be done with five people at a time. Christopher will interview and speak with everyone before it begins, to ensure that the person is ready. You may email or call our office with questions or to request being put on the list for this unprecedented and groundbreaking new healing protocol!

The minimum donation for the entire 56-70 day healing protocol is $3,600 USD. 

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