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This is the MP3 of one of our most popular meditations.Most of the ailments and dis-ease we experience in life initially develop because we carry a HUGE amount of trapped emotion. Trauma or simply the ingesting of the massive amount of unresolved collective emotion in the world wreaks havoc in our heart chakra where we tend to store layers upon layers of it around this energy center. In this meditation, the melchizidek beings go in and pull 21 of these layers of emotion out. As you continue to repeat this, the emotion will be pulled up from the subconscious to be acknowledged and transmuted as a collective. This is a powerful process and is usually met with an emotional release of grief or anger for a few minutes about 2-24 hours after listening.   

21 Heart Chakra Release MP3

  • This is the MP3 option of our most popular meditation. In this life time we develop a lot of toxins from living in a toxic environment. The food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe is filled with toxins that are not good for the body. This guided Melchizedek Meditation allows the toxins to draw out of the body where they switch them in space and time to a different dimension, so as not to be processed through the body's systems. This meditation will pull toxins out of the body for 24 hours and is recommended as a daily practice throughout the healing process.

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