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So many people are experiencing mental and emotional issues in today's world. This is because of the way society has been constructed to exist. Negative forces and energies that we deal with on a daily basis have created, through social engineering, a world where families and individuals are broken and dysfunctional. 

We have negative influences, toxins and stress abounding and all of this has caused the brain and subsequently the mind to be imbalanced. 

People are worried, stressed and feeling hopeless and without a clue that they are divine beings. And...we are seeing that there is a major increase in Anxiety, ADD, PTSD, Depression and OCD. 

We can, through energetic/emotional means and holistic techniques heal these issues and restore balance to the mind and brain AND to people's lives. In this way people can begin to live as the divine beings they came to be.

This book is an excellent companion to any of the brain healing series meditations. 

Centering The Mind: Healing Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, OCD, & PTSD

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