The Crown Chakra is our connection to our higher selves and the Source of all that is. The importance of this chakra being in balance cannot be emphasized enough as it is the way in which we access our spiritual and divine nature and pull it into our entire being. 

When the crown is overactive one can stop caring about their bodily needs and have difficulty navigating emotions. The person can become addicted to all manner of spiritual or new age paths and be easily manipulated as they are lacking the grounding needed for discernment. An underactive crown chakra shows someone who is very fixed in their beliefs, not able to flow or change and will be prone to fear, confusion, depression and alienation. 

This meditation will assist you to become more and more aware of how to utilize your crown chakra access by familiarizing you with the feeling of it when it is balanced. The balanced crown of your being will bring feelings of empowerment, presence in the moment, true meaning and trust in ourselves and the flow of life. 

Crown Chakra Meditation MP3


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