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animal companion session

If you have a dog, cat, bird or even horses, you can schedule sessions for them. Some of these healing options will require you to contact our office and speak with our staff about scheduling your appointment and creating an information sheet containing any concerns, expectations or any situation you would like to work on with Christopher.

We ask for a minimum donation of $60 USD for a session for your animal companion. This session is done offline, remotely by Christopher. You may communicate any questions, concerns & progress by email to receive feedback from Christopher about how your animal is doing. 

Healing Sessions are done REMOTELY via telephone or SKYPE, Online Groups are done through ZOOM.US.

Christopher works WORLD-WIDE doing remote Healing Sessions, payments for donations may be made directly through our office in Missouri.

Please call or email us for additional

information and scheduling: 

(417) 334~6200

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