general group detail

The Session will begin with a Grounding Prayer. This Prayer is a map of intent to connect your spirit body with the Earth for protection while you are opened up infinite levels high and wide. Christopher will place each individual in their OWN portal so no other energies will interfere in your healing space. He bonds your portal into 27 of the sacred geometric structures called the Merkaba. This raises the vibration creating a field which ensures ultimate protection.


Christopher and the Angelic Melchizedek Beings will begin working on raising your vibration so they may enter your body. Once your vibration has reached optimum level they will begin to Comb your Meridian Lines and sweep Ultimate Dimensional Energy down your body to clear the stuck channels. Once they are done clearing the Meridian Lines they will look for any Entity Attachments or Remote Viewers.


After removing these attachments and sending them back to God with Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, they will then break any ancient rituals, black magic, curses or spells that you may have. This release is often met with an emotional response in the heart.


Now that you are clear of all negative vibrations, the Melchizedek beings are ready to begin the deeper work, beginning with raising the function of the liver and clearing the kidneys and adrenal glands, optimizing them.


Christopher will then guide the Melchizedek beings to perform a myriad of tasks including and not limited to esoteric surgery, spine issues, GI clearing, thyroid and parathyroid balancing, arthritis, all forms of cancer, neurological issues from neurotoxins and injury, stroke, heart attack and other issues, uterus and prostate problems, skin conditions, viruses, fungus related ailments, autism, blood disorders and a full cleanse of the lymphatic system.


The Melchizedek beings will perform a "Full Body Detox" which rejuvenates all of the cells in the body. It is felt as a cool breeze or a drawing sensation out of the skin because they are pulling the toxins out of the body and switching them in time and space so that they do not process through the physical body. This will run for 24 hours.


They will also perform a celestial goo repair (which is a very thick energy) on teeth, spine, eyes and even scar tissue. The Celestial Goo has phenomenal results and has been proven to repair damage on teeth and gums caused from fluoride ingestion. The Pineal Gland is addressed as well, with the clearing and breaking down of any calcification and damage caused by fluoride to the Third Eye.


Christopher will perform a breaking of any soul ties that are not for your highest good, bringing any fractals of your soul you may have given away during those ties and placing them back in your being. He then sends the Melchizedek beings in to the many trapped emotional layers around the heart chakra and begins the process of pulling them out one by one. This is a very powerful piece of healing as it is unprocessed emotional that is at the core of most all dis-ease. You will find as you do multiple layers of these releases, emotion from the subconscious is brought up to the conscious mind to allow you to release any patterns you may have built to avoid these core emotional wounds.

There will also be a very powerful release of regret energy that is trapped in the lower abdomen causing a multitude of ailments in the reproductive systems.


The session will conclude with Christopher saying the Prayer of Protection for everyone, placing a sphere of Ultimate Dimension Unconditional Love around everyone and their Merkaba fields. (74).png (73).png