This is the MP3 version of our Pineal Gland Clearing Meditation. This is a complete healing meditation beginning with removing any energies negatively affecting you, clearing the meridians and raising vibration. Christopher will then send the Melchizedek beings into the third eye/pineal gland to clear any fluoride or calcium deposits that may be blocking the eventual opening of it. He will guide you through a meditation activating the third eye and bringing your higher self deeper into your body and awareness.

Clear & Activate Pineal Gland MP3

  • This is the MP3 option of our most popular meditation. In this life time we develop a lot of toxins from living in a toxic environment. The food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe is filled with toxins that are not good for the body. This guided Melchizedek Meditation allows the toxins to draw out of the body where they switch them in space and time to a different dimension, so as not to be processed through the body's systems. This meditation will pull toxins out of the body for 24 hours and is recommended as a daily practice throughout the healing process.

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