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Introducing our new merkaba pendants. Now in copper wire wrap and in both clear quartz and rose quartz! The rose quartz is the richest pink we've ever seen!  These also come with an extremely robust 24" Antique Copper Plated Iron Chain. Our original sterling silver wrap clear quartz merkaba necklaces now comes with a leather cording. If you have an allergy to iron or copper please specify that you would like the leather cording.  


A Merkaba, known as the chariot of the soul is actual three words. Mer meaning Light. Ka meaning Spirit. Ba meaning body. This sacred geometric structure has been used to access higher dimensions. This beautiful pendant is to be worn over your Heart Chakra to allow additional protection in your meditative practices. These work very well as a dousing instrument also. 


Each Merkaba is wrapped beautifully with instructions on how to clear and program your necklace with either your own name, or the name of someone you are gifting it to. 


Merkaba Pendants

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