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We now offer Specialized Groups 5 times a week! 

Currently five Sessions Available: 

Monday 6pm Central Time


Tuesday 5pm Central time


          thursday 8:30am Central Time 


                  thursday 2pm central time                


   Friday 8:30am Central Time


   Our Specialized Groups are a donation

of $80 USD. They include One hour of intensive healing with Christopher and the melchizidek beings,

addressing any and

all needs specific for you.

when the group is toward maximum capacity you can expect the session to run 60 to 90 minutes online and the healing offline will begin and run for 7 full days. please allow 2 hours after the conclusion of the zoom meeting to recieve the healing.

Beginning the session you will have interaction about any progress that is unfolding for you or any questions you may have. As this is in a meeting setting with video and sound for everyone, Christopher will take a few minutes with each person to speak with you before beginning the healing.   

There is limited space in each group with a maximum of 20 attendees to ensure that absolutely all needs are addressed. These groups are focused on personal and group healing needs, as many people have similar healing requests.

~To sign up for Monday's evening group, you will need to do so by 3pm Central the Friday before the weekend.


~To sign up for Tuesday's evening group, you will need to do so by 3pm Central on Monday.


~To sign up for both Thursday's morning & afternoon groups, you will need to do so by 12pm noon Central on Wednesday.


~To sign up for Friday's morning group, you will need to do so by 12pm noon Central on Thursday.


*Please try to book in advance as much as possible. We have a 24 hour cancelation policy as your card will be charged the business day before your scheduled specialized group. This excludes Monday's group as that business day before, would be Friday.*

Please call or email us for additional

information and scheduling: 

(417) 334~6200

download the straight scoop on specialized groups below!

Specialized Group Healing

with the Melchizedek beings



(Regarding your scheduled session.)

Christopher works with upwards of 55 clients per day, aside from our general groups.

It is absolutely vital to him that he shows up for your healing completely balanced

and fully present. If there are any situations that arise that may throw off the balance

of bringing the absolute best to you, the session will need to be rescheduled.

Our amazing staff will work with you to move your session to the next

available time that is most fitting for Christopher and your life.

We thank you for understanding and aligning with the highest good of your healing journey.

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