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What can I expect during a Healing Session?

You will fill out an intake form and discuss any concerns and expectations you might have. You will be contacted by Christopher at your scheduled session time by the phone number or skype name that you provide. He will do the session esoterically from his healing room remotely.

You can expect that after your session time with Christopher, that you will need to REST for upwards of two hours following the session. He will instruct you to utilize the prayers/maps of intent to keep yourself in a high vibrational sphere that is high enough to allow the angelic beings to remain in your body to continue their work and keep you protected. 

What can I expect during a Specialized Group Session?

Beginning the session you will have interaction about any progress that is unfolding for you or any questions you may have. As this is in a meeting setting with video and sound for everyone, Christopher will take a few minutes with each person to speak with you before beginning the healing.  There will be 20 minutes of chat time after the group with Christopher's assistant answering questions, and Christopher will run the healing for a specified number of hours depending on the needs of the group after the live as completed.   

There is limited space in each group with a maximum of 9 attendees to ensure that absolutely all needs are addressed. These groups are focused on personal and group healing needs, as many people have similar healing requests.

We ask that you claim your space by 5pm Central the day before. We will send you an email the evening before with the link and telephone number through ZOOM(depending on how you need to access it)  that you will need at the time of the session. Please log in to the meeting at least 5 minutes before so we may move you from the virtual waiting room into the meeting before beginning. 

What to expect during a 21 Day Clearing

What is included in the clearing is the removal of entities, remote viewers, spells, curses, and ancient rituals. You will be placed in a portal and surrounded in 27 esoteric merkaba fields. Meridian lines will be cleared and then the infusion of ultimate dimensional energy or tachyon energy depending on the body of the person. The biofield and akashic records/timelines will be cleared and then there will be 9 layers of the stuck emotion around the heart chakra removed. Then the whole body detox will will commence. You will be placed in a sphere of protection at the end. This is done completely remotely and there is no meeting or call to attend.


 21 Day Clearing, Common Questions

Do you have to be present for the 21-day healing to work?

No, you do not have to be "present" per say for the clearing to happen. You may feel shifting wherever you are however.

I would love to do the 21-day healing but money is really tight for me, should I stick with the general group healing until I am able to afford the 21 day?

The 21 day is more of a constant won't address healing certain body ailments like the general and specialized group healing sessions. Yes! Keep on these absolutely!

Is the 21-day meditation the same as a specialized group & private sessions? Or it is more like these general group sessions?

They are not like any of these. It’s an entirely remote session every single day for 21 days straight, providing that constant infusion of the ultimate dimension energy and more. 

Quick question re 21 days: Is Chris working on us for 2 hrs.? And after it, should we be lying down for another 2 hrs. w/o electronics?

No, on these clearings they are mostly for a constant daily stream of blasting the high vibrational energy.... Making sure you are clear of entities, of course... clearing the meridians daily and 9 heart chakra releases. You can go about your evening in a relatively tranquil space. The Ultimate Dimensional energy firing into your body will last for 2 you may feel a bit of a shift in your head...or go full blown dizzy depending.

Does the 21-day healing have an impact on the participants lives in the long term? Or is this purely meant to keep the vibration high during the 21 days?

It can have a major impact on the long term as it boosts the overall vibration over and over, daily. However, it must be kept up after the 21 days is over, by the receiver, taking back on the responsibility of doing the prayers of protection, emotional releases and detox. It’s like steps. You may take many steps up during the constant influx of that ultimate dimension energy, and you may fall a few on the scale of vibration after. It takes care of entities and remote viewers every day and puts you in a Merkaba field every day, so it relieves the pressure of having to “battle” by yourself. As this is a battle for that peak vibrational state of sovereignty with The Source/God.


What is the recommended donation amount for the generalized group?

A love offering of between $10-$50 USD per person, per session will help us to cover all costs and continue to provide these healing sessions. We understand that not everyone is able to make a donation at the suggested amounts, and that is absolutely okay, the healing journey is between you and God. The intention of providing these groups is that everyone, no matter their circumstances, can begin healing, As healing occurs in one's inner life, one's outer circumstances begin to improve. Everything that is donated helps us to continue to provide the very best quality of Divine healing work through this medium, which allows people from all walks of life to participate and benefit from the healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My leg and hip have been hurting now for a few weeks, could that be stress?

  1. Yes, it very well could be. Any blocks in the meridian lines will trap energy flow and stress will gather there. Hips, legs and knees are common spots for that.

  1. Can itching from allergic reactions be healed?

  1. Allergic reactions can be healed absolutely. It’s a balancing of the thymus, spleen, and immune responses.

  1. Will these calls get rid of warts on feet, and how long does that usually take? 

  1.  Yes! Absolutely. They will go under the skin and clear any fungal infections no matter how they manifest. Also, it just depends on how many times a week you are on these groups, or if you are doing any other sessions. The healing runs for two hours after these sessions. However, on specialized and private sessions, its 6 to 12 hours. With a skin condition like warts, I would say on these groups it should reduce after 3-4 weeks, twice a week would be best.

  1. Wondering what your thoughts /suggestions are on removing wisdom teeth?  

  1. We feel like, if Creator puts a body part in, there really should be no reason to remove it.

  1. Does Christopher work with bacteria in liver, gall bladder, and adrenal fatigue? What clearings should I do at home?

  1. Oh yes. He works on that on every single one of these sessions. The best one to do at home is the whole body detox. Also the meditation for stress & anxiety.

  1. If prostate cancer is affecting the ability to urinate properly, would they need a one to one session?

  1. With cancer it is good to do a few more focused healing sessions and fill in with these general groups. Even the specialized groups with only up to 9 people will allow a more focused energy on these specific needs.

  1.  I have ordered another Merkaba Pendant.  Does Christopher program them with our “Angelic” name or does he prefer to program them with the name we are now using, which in my case is very different?

  1. With the programming of crystals, he always uses the blueprint of your DNA which is without any name. So, just the thought of your name, whatever one you are using, will invoke the intent of the programming of your DNA blueprint.

  1. Do you have to be present for the 21-day healing to work?

  1. No, you do not have to be "present" per say for the clearing to happen. You may feel shifting wherever you are however.

  1. I am not able to feel things, are the groups still working for me?

  1. For some, it takes several sessions before you feel anything. Our souls tend to detach from our bodies if we've had a lot of emotion, or pain of some kind. As you progress, more energy is cleared, and the soul will start coming into the body more.

  1. If we come down here without karma, why do bad things happen to babies?

  1. This is a delicate question of course, as Christopher said, there is esoteric transfer that is NOT supposed to come through, but the veil is thin. When it comes to babies, and the souls that incarnate...when they aren't here long, or they experience illness that is severe, it is often times they do this for the loved ones around them and to assist waking up that is the most innocent state and the most impact in waking up the hearts and minds of adults. And…there is also the much darker aspect of the severe manipulation of this planet by very negative beings that do horrible things.

  2. Do these healing sessions also work on emotions and self-worth issues? 

  3. Oh gosh yes. That is ALL heart chakra and maybe stuck emotion in the sacral chakra (womb area) and the solar plexus involving self-worth. They go in and peel those layers out of the heart chakra and you will have emotional releases unfold. After so many you will even have subconscious layers of emotion and a huge wall of grief will unfold and release. After that wall is down, you begin to feel much lighter and full of joy.



  1. I have noticed that when grief about my sister comes up, I feel “blocks” or pain in areas my throat and my knees feel awful. Like thick hurtful blocks of cement almost. Do the Melchizedeks go into there also?

  1. Yes! I would say often times as emotion is coming through to be released, it gets stuck in the throat and throat chakra. It seems to be a sticking point for a lot of people, myself included. The Melchizedek beings absolutely continue to help clear the stuck points. The throat seems to take a while and there could also be an energy block in the knees...that is inflexibility of perceiving the future.

  1. If we register someone for healing but they aren’t saying the prayer of protection what benefits will they experience?

  1. They will surely experience some shifting, because the Merkaba fields are so consistent, clearing and protection should remain quite solid.

  1. I have gone through early menopause and I would like to know how to lose the weight on my belly, hot flashes, and also I have a fungal infection on my legs that I can’t remove can you help me please?

  1. As the entire glandular system is rebalanced; the hormones will also stabilize assisting with the lessening of the hot flashes. Also, the weight will be easier to lose. Christopher will address all fungal infection toward the end, using the tachyon energy.

  1. Can Christopher do something like clearing for money and past lives?

  1. That is more a manifestation after the release of emotional blockage and the raising of your vibration. Your outside life begins to shift into abundance. Christopher will sometimes include the past life clearing on these, depending on time. You can find that as a meditation on the website too.

  1. Are the quartz Merkabahs supposed to offer complete protection?

  1. The Merkaba field prayer of protection does and the Merkaba pendant feeds the heart chakra energy.

  1. Can Christopher do healing for asthma?

  1. Yes, they would work on the lungs. (And the thymus spleen as it’s an autoimmune issue.)

  1. Is the 21-day meditation the same as a specialized group and private sessions? Or it is more like these general group sessions?

  1. They are not like any of these. It’s an entirely remote session every single day for 21 days straight, providing that constant infusion of the ultimate dimension energy and more. Here is the link to the description...its option 6.

  1. What is the prayer of protection?

  1. All of the prayers are right here. It’s important to work with them as you rise, because they love to mess with you when you start getting healed.

  1. If I do more Heart chakra releases later, will I have to do the detox CD again?

  1. It just helps clear any energies that may have released during the heart chakra layers. If you don't feel anything still stuck, you shouldn't have to do the detox again. A shower or water might clear it, like residual stuff.

  1. I have underactive thyroid; how often do I need to do these sessions for my thyroid to heal? 

  1. If it’s JUST your thyroid, Christopher would say about 9 sessions. If there are other issues, or if you have a huge amount of stuck emotion that releases through that area of the thyroid, it might take longer. With each person, I always say the healing journey is individual, and it is just as much about the individual within as it is about Christopher providing the energy and angelic beings.

  1. What causes Alzheimer’s?

  1. Neurotoxins, aluminum, and blocked pathways as well.

  1. I got a heart shaped crystal recently but I’ve not seen any instructions. How can it help me heal?

  1. The Heart shaped crystal is a palm stone to carry with you, or just have in your space. It is cleared completely, programmed with Your DNA and charged with the ultimate dimension unconditional love energy. It is meant to raise your vibration.

  1. Will these general groups help with a cold flu thing that I’m getting?

  1. Absolutely, the Melchizidek beings will go in and use tachyon energy to fry any viral infections. It will help shorten the length of the cold/flu.

  1. Which prayer on your website is the most protective to say every two hours? Can I say the prayer silent or is it more powerful to say it out loud?

  1. With these prayers, which are really 'maps of intent', they need to be said with authority, or with a sense of sovereign power. If you can say them aloud, it just reinforces that empowerment. If you need to say them silent in your mind, be sure you repeat the prayer 3 times if you need to be silent. I would say the prayer with the most protection is the 27 Merkaba field protection prayer. If you are feeling "off", another very powerful prayer is the Prayer for spiritual attack.

  1. I’ve had to have 2 teeth extracted.  Will these healing sessions grow new teeth or should I think about getting 2 implants?

  1. They ARE regrown, but with teeth, it takes quite a while to build the entire structure. If you feel like you don't want to wait just be careful about the materials used for the implants.

  1. Will these general groups clear up a bladder infection? I don’t want to have to get on antibiotics because I have had so many problems with chronic infection and the constant antibiotics have made my situation worse, but I’m also in a lot of pain.

  1. Oh gosh, I know...they hurt so bad. If you can make it, you will need to be on at least 2 more times to fry that infection. If you can make it Thursday and Saturday. This time should help lessen the pain some, but you'll need a couple more sessions.

  1. My friend has MS. She is not on these calls yet. Chris says it is caused by Lyme disease. On these calls, once the Lyme is cleared, he says you need a DNA change done. If that portion of the healing is not done, what happens to the MS symptoms?

  1. If the DNA is not reset to the blueprint, it is still in its damaged state, which caused the replication of the spirocheets in the first place. If triggered by any environmental toxin, she would develop it all over again.

  1. There is a bump on my forehead growing and I was thinking of getting it checked out. My daughter thinks it might be cancer.  If it’s cancer, I’m thinking the Melchizedek Beings will take care of it.  I’m extremely opposed to having it checked out by a dermatologist.

  1. Please come on at least 2 of these groups a week for four weeks before you consider the dermatologist. If it hasn't begun to shrink by then, I would be amazed.

  1. I have a question about attachments...I have three boys 11,12,13 they play this video game called fort night and it makes them so angry and sometimes I wonder if they could be getting attachments?  Can video game like this give kid’s attachments?

  1. Absolutely, they are created for that purpose. Also, they are getting radionics from the games.

  1. What are radionics? 

  1. It is an alien technology. They use it to make people ill, or lower their vibration significantly. The radionics are everywhere. You may even feel them if you get a sudden headache going out someplace like Walmart. They use TVs, computers and phones to blast thee radionics at us. It’s all part of the agenda to keep us in lower states.

  1. What are allergies caused from and do these healings help with allergies?

  1. YES, absolutely! It is an autoimmune issue. The thymus and spleen are not in optimal function. Also, there are many environmental factors that can trigger the autoimmune to plummet enough for allergies to develop.

  1. Do the people have to be present and hearing the healing online to receive the benefits?  I'm thinking it would do more for them if they could hear it.  She doesn’t have a computer.

  1. It would probably be very good if you could be near her so she could hear. The more present anyone is or the more they "show up" for the healing, the more significant the results of course. Also, you can call in if it is a group through ZOOM, so you can just use your telephone.

  1. We have a cell tower very close to our house. Is there a prayer that’s appropriate to say to offset the effects of the transmissions?

  1. Yes! The appropriate for that is the Prayer to Remove Radionics Manipulations. A crystal grid would also boost the vibration of your home to be more robust against those transmissions.

  1. I just had a portion of a tooth break off a few days ago, which surprised me after being on the healing calls for a while now. Have you heard of this happening? After being shocked, I also wondered if it was just supposed to come out due to decay, and then the Melchizedek beings would repair it and build it back up? As I am writing this, I just heard Christopher speaking on dental issues similar to this! I guess that this is a part of the healing process? The tooth part that fell out only had a small piece of filling in it.... It was mainly the enamel. I have to say that I am afraid to go to dentists now, after all this new information! Is there a danger of crowns etc. becoming loose and falling out?

  1. YES!!! The healings totally push out the pieces of teeth that do not align with the energies of the healings. That is exactly why it fell out. Also, I would say there is a possibility of crowns etc. happening, depending on what is going on in the structure underneath of that tooth.

  1. I could use help with hair loss and also with a love relationship that is not as stable and committed as I wish it were.

  1. Absolutely covered. And as you release emotion trapped around your heart, you will notice all your relationships shift. Some fall away, some are lifted within the space of your own rising and expansion.

  1. Lyme Disease really doesn’t come from a tick bite? Is it a manufactured disease?

  1. Yes, it is a manufactured disease. It is delivered through a few means, but mostly, we all have the Borrelia in on our skin and in our body. They spray it in the chem-trails. After that, there is usually a trigger to make it start replicating... if the person's DNA is not robust enough against it, they will develop Lyme.

  1. I wake up several times during the night and usually remember to say the Prayer of Protection.  How vulnerable am I during the night when I wake up?  Usually I fall back asleep within half an hour, but am concerned about entities attaching at this time. 

  1. There is a short space, when your astral body, or spirit body is someone "in between"...which is the 4th dimension. One can be vulnerable to attachments. The best thing to do for that is to do the 27 Merkaba field prayer of protection before bed. That one will last for at least 12 hours. Say it 3 times if you need to before bed...or even more until you can "see" or envision to Merkaba field around your whole body.

  1. Do you have a process to correct near sightedness?

  1. After the eyes are cleared of any viral infections, the Melchizidek beings go in and balance the delicate structure of the eyes... the muscle there and nerves to restore any eyesight issue.

  1. Since I went into menopause I have lost 11/2 inches in height. I realize this is just a generic healing but if I were to book in the specialized group healing would you be able to help me get my height back, I don't want to lose any further inches!

  1. Absolutely he can address that in a specialized. Must rebalance the whole system. Parathyroid and hormone systems. Then he will send them in to strengthen the bones and keep you from losing height anymore!

  1. Sometimes I wake up at night and feel electric energy in my body. I always listen to the detox mp3 before I go to sleep so I don’t know if it is healing energy or something negative. It feels like I am charging my body with electricity and doesn’t feel like a good energy. (I don’t have Wi-Fi on at night). Do you know what it can be?

  1. That truly sounds like the tachyon healing energy. Do you notice a difference in the electric like feeling on these groups compared to when you wake?

  1. I don’t feel as much energy on the groups as when I wake up. I was scared it was entity or something negative.

  1. When you are sleeping...the healing energies CAN amp up tremendously. Just be sure to say the 27 Merkaba field prayer right before bed. Or, if you are doing the detox at night, you are surely protected because the mediation puts you in the Merkaba field and that lasts for at least 12 hours of protection. I feel deeply that it is the Melchizidek beings working to tachyonize various infection and such in your body.

  1. Can you please do release of black magic, curses, and similar issues too?

  1. In all of the healing sessions that is how he begins.

  1. What causes enlarged prostrate?

  1. The lower abdomen (sacral chakra) is a very common place that we store some of the heavier trapped emotions and energies. The release of "regret" energy (which is what Christopher calls it) assists all of these kinds of trapped energies that affect the prostrate and womb/ovary issues.

  1. What causes growths on your sacral disk and what organ would that affect?

  1. Well, any abnormal growths are caused by viral infections that mutate the cells. If the sacral disk which I am assuming you are referring to L1-L5, is damaged or out...or you've had an entity attachment for a while, that could cause a viral infection to mutate there. So on these calls, he will send the Melchizidek beings in to break down any abnormal growths and send tachyon energy to fry the infections in the body.

  1. On my upper right gum area, I had periodontal work done. They took stitches out my gum, and it’s still bleeding. Can Christopher do healing for prosperity, and to help find out what your purpose is in life?

  1. The angelic beings will go into the gums toward the end of the session. They will help the bleeding. Money and Purpose are a natural bi-product of moving into alignment. As you release the blockages and things, you begin to receive your intuitions and the outside life begins to show you synchronicities and shifts.

  1. Sleep paralysis is a type of psychic attack or entity attachment, right? I get them at night and it is very scary especially because I cannot breathe!

  1. It can be attack, yes... only as the body is in the "in between" sleep and wake in the 4th dimension.  However, if a person is beginning to spontaneously astral project and they come back in their body swiftly because they are not meaning to be leaving their body...that can induce that type of paralysis as well.

  1. So what’s the advantage of doing one on one sessions if one’s objective is to do as many heart releases as possible to get our vibrations up?

  1. Well, I'd say the only extra advantage is total and complete Christopher time to one's self! :) LOL. Some people just prefer the one to one space with him. There are a few types of issues that he prefers to do one to one's with as they require so much focus and attention.

  1. Quick question re 21 days: Is Chris working on us for 2 hrs.? And after it, should we be lying down for another 2 hrs. w/o electronics?

  1. No, on these clearings they are mostly for a constant daily stream of blasting the high vibrational energy.... Making sure you are clear of entities, of course... clearing the meridians daily and 9 heart chakra releases. You can go about your evening in a relatively tranquil space. The Ultimate Dimensional energy firing into your body will last for 2 you may feel a bit of a shift in your head...or go full blown dizzy depending.

  1. How do the semi-private sessions compare to the latest package from YWR? In regards to life mission alignment, been in Gods Space, connecting to Star seed tribe, finding one’s gifts, etc.?

  1. The semi-private groups, or aka small groups, allow you to discuss with Christopher your specific needs. On a one to one, it’s just a bit longer you can speak. They all continue to raise your vibration to that God space and aligning with your higher self that shows you your star seed origin and gifts.

  1. Do the Prayers have to be spoken by me or can I use some form of recording?

  1. It is alright to use the recording. But, of course, the more presence you can bring to your healing, the better. When you say them yourself it brings more intent and focus in connecting to Source and claiming your sovereign right to the protection.

  1. A friend has a muscle wasting problem that I suspect is like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain tick. Can you help?

  1. You are always welcome to sign anyone up for the healings. When it comes to Lyme disease, it takes quite a lot of focus and presence on the healings. At least twice a week ....and its a month for every year the person has had Lyme's. This will absolutely help.

  1. Thanks Amanda! I have been doing these for at least 5 months as well as the Detox and Stress Mediations, with Pineal and Akashi Records. It has been really slow, I don’t feel much change yet, is this normal?

  1. Sometimes it takes a while before one hits the "wall" in their emotional blocks...when that breaks through...everything speeds up. We've seen that many times. So yes, completely normal.

  1. Just wondered if the food prayer was to assist to remove harmful pesticides or harmful growing practices?

  1. It is for ANY modifications/manipulations that are not of God and restoring the food to its natural state.

  1. I fell hard a while back and broke some fingers. Now the one I did not break - pinky - will not straighten out. Can this help?

  1. Yes, absolutely this will help.

  1. I have had one fatty tissue tumor on my right shoulder for 15 years, can this help?

  1. Yes, this would have addressed that.

  1. What is the process for bringing a pet for healing on this group setting?

  1. You just sign their name up separately.... you can use your own email address. They can be in the room, or not, they feel things far deeper than humans do.

  1. I had signed up for Monday’s group healing, however, I didn’t wake up in time to join on-line.  I noticed the rest of the day, Tuesday and up to noon on Wednesday, I seemed to need to be in bed sleeping.  Could it be that healing energies were able to go deeper because I slept and my conscious mind didn’t interfere?  In my case, do you think it’s best I allow myself to fall asleep during the sessions?

  1. Absolutely!! It’s wonderful to be asleep during the healing. There are less blocks by the conscious mind happening.

  1. I was feeling very down and depressed yesterday. Very low, accompanied by anxiety. Is this healing addressing mental pain and suffering? I’ve had one of the most stressful painful periods of my life. It’ll be a year since I’ve lost my job, and went bankrupt.  I’ve been very up and down. Is it that things are coming up to be released?

  1. This healing deeply addresses all of the trapped emotion anywhere it is being carried in the body. As these layers get released, the mental aspect begins to lift and reveal patterns that need to be released in the thinking process. It will bring huge things up to be released at a more accelerated rate.

56) Can Christopher assist in a nodule that has developed in my throat/thyroid?

  A) Oh yes, this group healing will cover any growths and the thyroid function as a whole as well.

57) Can I get healing for grief in the heart, and overall body weakness from being overwhelmed and stress?

  A) Yes. The heart chakra releases will assist...he is now doing the 9 biggest layers of trapped emotion. And the Melchizedek beings going in to the adrenals will assist the weakness.

58) What are holographic inserts?

  A) They are a form of manipulation. They are applied to the matrix reality structure, so that what we perceive is actually different from the collective perception creation. It is meant to throw a person off so they are more easily hijacked or attacked.

59) I surgery on my right hand yesterday to remove a tumor... Will this will be covered in the session?

  A) Yes, they will address the source of why the tumor grew to begin with and deal with the scar tissue from the surgery.

60) "Question - On Valentine’s Day I fell. Not down but more like a racing dive and no reason for it. Next morning my Higher Self said that I was pushed. (invisible) She later said that it was an assault on my entire body. The doctor said it was my finger next to the pinky that was broke and now neither that one or the pinky can straighten out and the palm of my hand is always sore. Is this anything that would come under the Melchizedek's? I don't want them to break my fingers again and start all over. I am 79yrs and still working and need both hands to drive. Do you have any suggestions? I have been listening.

  A) Well, yes, if that was a being, earthbound spirit, or entity, that can happen. The Melchizedek beings are very gentle when it comes to recovering broken bones and function of limbs and joints. I will remind him to speak out loud about working on injury and scar tissue today.

61) Could help clear sexual abuse trauma as both the abuser and abused?

  A) Yes, that trauma is a slower process, done through the release of the larger trapped emotional layers around the heart chakra.

62) Can Christopher do akasic record?

  A) Well, there is a meditation for that. He will sometimes do the past life clearing on these general groups when there is enough time.

63) The white part of my eyes haven’t been looking bright lately, do you know why?

  A) That would likely be the detoxing... And sometimes skin rashes come up as well... That means it’s coming out.

64) Is it possible that my eyesight might improve?

  A) Yes, but I will say that the eyes might be the most complex and delicate structure that they work on, so it takes quite a bit of time to improve the eyesight.

65) What does the pendant do? Do we wear it all the time?

  A) It is a way to reinforce protection over the heart chakra. It is always programmed with the individual's DNA blueprint, so the wearer has that vibration as a boost.

66) Does the Angelic Combing Healing technique address trauma to the spine? Do you recommend general self-care with Cupping Massage Therapy?

  A) The Angelic beings will actually go IN to the spine in a short bit and address any issues there. And ABSOLUTELY recommend all kinds of massage!

67) Does it take a number of healings to break down a cancer tumor?

  A) Yes and it always depends on the person. Often times there is a coinciding emotional cause for the development of the cancer. Once that layer is hit and released in the heart chakra or Sacral chakra...the healing speeds up rapidly.

68) Can you help with empathic imbalance or where you feel others’ emotion or pain?

  A) I would say that quite a process. It takes a lot of intent and boundary drawing to learn how to switch it on and off. It took me years and people's stuff still leaks in when I'm not focusing it. Its super tough and takes so much vigilance. Once you release a lot of your own subconscious emotion, you can claim your space much easier.

69) Which recording would work best for sudden flu symptoms, pain in body, it hurts to move, and extremely exhausted… possible ascension symptoms?

  A) I would say the Whole body detox would be most vital for that. The MP3s are right here on our site:

70) Any advice on chronic insomnia would be greatly appreciated!

  A)   Insomnia is primarily a a wall of emotions between what is subconscious and what is meant to come to the surface to be processed. The heart chakra releases WILL push through this after a time. Also the balancing of the pituitary gland and thyroid/parathyroid will assist this. We are currently working on a specific meditation and utilizing of an amethyst pyramid addressing insomnia.

71) What causes under eye puffiness and will this healing element them?

  A) Yes, that is caused from adrenal issues or viral infection. They will address both of these in this group healing.

72) Do you also clear body situations that are bleedthroughs from past lives?

  A) Yes, this one addresses the physical things we feel in this lifetime, that is a stuck energy in the bio field (energy body).

71) Can I register healing also for a 3-year-old and how would those work with doing the 2-hour protection prayer?

  A) Absolutely you can register them. With anyone, if they cannot say, or are not aware of the healings, YOU will need to say the prayers FOR them.

72)  Could this help with migraines?

  A) Absolutely! There are a couple of reasons you could be getting them. We have found that many people have gotten used to processing pain/emotion through the head and includes the importance of rewiring processing emotion through the heart chakra releases.

73) What are Christopher’s suggestions re eating dairy?

  A) Just depends on the person and needs. He doesn't really give any diet advice except to avoid GMOs and lots of sugar.

74) Do the sessions clear heavy metals for everyone or is it just for people with autism? 

  A) They clear heavy metals for anyone.

75) Can you give me any assistance with breast cancer?

  A) Breast cancer is addressed in this group healing.

76) Will these healings work on crepey skin? This just started on arms & legs. I take collagen, but it does not seem to be helping. Does he address this on healings?

  A) He sends the Melchizedek beings in underneath the skin to clear out toxin and such that cause a variety of issues. The balancing of the other systems of the body should also assist this condition.

77) Can you not only have emotional things on, can you also have physical things going on? My face and neck have been itching & my hair is shedding.

  A) Yes, Toxins are coming out of your skin.

78) Could you please give some information about the small group healings that you hold?  Can others join one of these small groups, and if so, when do they take place?

  A) Here is the link... Its option 5 The Specialized Groups. It’s an hour long and there is only ever a max of 9 people. Chris will talk with each person first and then commence the healing specific to everyone's needs.

79) I feel that my liver is at a much higher level now. I felt so much during those past life healings. I feel that I got the answer to this now! Wow! I started crying a lot, and my whole body feels lighter! Those are amazing! This must be trauma being processed, as my body is used to having migraines for many years!  Thank you again so much for your guidance and support! This is making a lot of sense to me now! Thank you all for taking time on your day off to do these divine healings!

  A) You are doing so amazing, truly!! I love the past life release too; it always shows me where I have stuck patterns in my field. I used to process by migraines as well from about 13 till about 24. They are awful! Beaming love to you!

80) My daughter has been on the healing sessions, she states she is having headaches, then one-day last week she had a terrible nose bleed. Is that normal?  My other daughter feels sad. 

  A) There can be an energy headache that occurs, which shouldn't last very long. The nose bleed must be from the sinus clearing of any infection. There is a substantial emotional release from these layers around the heart chakra being pulled up and out. That should also move through quickly.

81) My stomach has been hurting; maybe because I feel alone because no one I know is into healing like this. I feel very hot sometime, just start sweating terrible, is this normal?

  A) So sorry about the stomach. The sweating is common when there is a lot of energy being released, yes all normal.

82) How long do the healings take to feel amazing?

  A) It just depends on the individual. Healing is just as much coming from within the person. The willingness to release and address the stuck emotion, the devotion to solidifying that sovereign authority WITH Source/God and more constant communion, the higher the vibration can come up to and sustain itself within.

83) What do you mean when you say solidifying that sovereign authority with God and more constant communion? Are you talking about my relationship with God?

  A) Well yes. And also, through the healing process, being able to invoke that protection with the prayers. That is why we express to say them with authority, like claiming your sovereignty as a divine being to command that protection be so. The vibration raising is a natural consequence of that continuous communion.

84) I have been eating really great, but weight STOPPED losing after 7 lbs. Last time I did it I lost 23 pounds. My coworkers just lost 18. I believe I'm being messed with, by interferences that don't want me tapping into feminine power. Any thoughts?

  A) Yes...I mean, with weight, it seems to be emotion in the sacral chakra as well as the heart. So, you are just hitting a wall at the moment. Just keep going. It WILL move, and if you notice a big emotional release after some of the heart chakra clearings, it is likely that wall.

85) How long (approximately) how many sessions to reduce the size of a large prostate?

  A) In general for prostate, twice a week for 3 months.

86) Is it ok if my cat is lying next to me?

  A) Absolutely that's okay. Many animals are attracted to the energy and get a great benefit from it!

87) Do you heal businesses?

  A) Yes, he works on an individual basis for clearing businesses.

88) Can you say the prayers in your head or do they have to be aloud?

  A) It’s about the feeling of them. If you do say them in your head like as a mantra, we suggest at least 3 times in a row. If aloud, it seems to be more empowered. The prayers need to be said or thought with a sense of sovereign authority.

89) If you register for a call but can’t make the call, do you still receive the healing? Is it still effective if you are working or sleeping etc.?

  A) Sleeping is a wonderful time for healing. If you are busy at work, or in a stressful situation, the vibration that the Melchizidek beings require to be in your body will not as likely be able to be there. If you are in a tranquil space, it will absolutely happen.

90) What causes seizures?

  A) Seizures are caused by neurotoxin blocking the pathways in the brain.

91) What is the difference between small group, offline sessions, and specialized sessions?

  A) The offline groups is a time slot in which Christopher will set the Melchizidek beings up to do healings on a list of people in the same time slot. The Specialized group sessions are live, online for a full hour where you can talk with Christopher about your needs and progress. These general groups are here for as many people as possible.

92) Can you clear of viruses?

  A) Yes, viruses are addressed toward the end of the session.

93) Is pelvic prolapse included even when it’s not mentioned? 

  A) Yes, and it helps during that portion to set intent in yourself. You can talk to the Melchizidek beings.... thank them and intend them directly there.

94)  Can you heal cirrhotic liver, alcohol addiction, and ascetic fluid filled in stomach? Currently liver is working only 15%...

  A) Yes! This healing will address the liver profoundly. The addiction is addressed through the heart chakra through releasing all the stuck energy and layers of emotion.

95) Can you help heal verbal attacks, being demeaning and being used by others of my time and energy and then being devalued by them?

  A) As healing sets in more, these situations begin to dissolve. As you release any emotion you're carrying about it, it will cease.

96) Instead of crashing and crying from too much releasing of emotion, is it possible to experience bursting out with laughter and laughing uproariously at just about everything?

  A) YEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!! Absolutely!!! Love that form of release!

97) Is it normal to see black dots the in the sun? Can this help?

  A) If the black dots are associated with floaters in your eyes, yes...this will help.

98) Hi! I have also registered my son for this healing. Unfortunately, he had a huge anxiety attack today and I hope he doesn’t get more anxiety from releasing emotions in this healing. Do you think it will be OK?

  A) Is this his first experience? If so, this would likely remove the source of his anxiety attack. It usually takes a while of the releases to get to layers of anxiety being released.

99) Does a person have to be clear, of high frequency to pray/command help for removal of negative attachments or are we opening the door to dark that we are not prepared to deal with?

  A) I will say, these prayers DO have to be said and claimed with a divine authority, a confidence in one's own sovereign divine nature with Source/God.  This is why it is instructed to say the prayers in 3's until you FEEL the energy up your spine. Usually by 9 times, most everyone will feel it set in. As one gets more aligned and confident, the spiritual attack will amp up as a test of strength.... like to burst through the threshold and claim that protection. It IS a battle of sorts that some find, they are NOT in fact ready for. The prayers DO work...they just must be done vigilantly and with a commitment to establish that constant communion with Source/God.

100) Can you please check my digestive system?  I have been experiencing so many food sensitivities and associated symptoms in the past 5 years despite a clean diet and alternative treatments.

  A) In these general groups, he always covers the digestive system. These healings, he just does a whole body healing of most ailments for all. He wouldn't be able to check individual ailments in this group.

101) I’ve been having some issues with my lower back in the past couple of days can you help me with that?  Also can you help me with my weight loss?  I’m stuck and can’t seem to move past the point I’m at.

  A) In this general group, all issues in the back and spine are addressed. The weight loss stalling is usually caused by stuck emotion and the imbalance of the glands and organs. As emotion is released and the systems restored, the weight begins to fall off.

102) Is it possible to find the healing to be hard emotionally for me?

  A) Yes, ABSOLUTELY. This is the release of the stuck layers of emotion in the heart chakra. It often is a very intense portion of the whole healing process. It may be good to slow down on sessions so as not to do too many layers at once. Even if you need to do every other week.

103) I am experiencing waves and waves of grief. I know what you resist persists, but am I harming myself while releasing emotion so much?

  A) Oh boy... You are at the grief portion of the layers. My goodness, I had that severely...I believe it was almost 24 hours straight that I sobbed before I broke through. (Please know that does not mean it’s like that for everyone) Once it was broken through?? WOW. Massive shifts. That is also a collective humanity grief you are feeling. You may want to ease off of the heart chakra releases for a bit. I've been discussing how we can do that on these groups. If some may be able to intend NOT to have the releases. If you are also doing the meditations, it may be that it’s just too much at once. Hope that helps.

104) Will saying the 'Prayer of Protection' or wearing our Merkaba Crystal protect us from unwanted cell phone radiations, cell tower radiations, Wi-Fi signals, and other Electromagnetic Frequencies?

  A) We have a prayer to remove radionics manipulation from your own devices. We are going to be looking into a prayer for EMF influence.

105) Can you please help heal decompensated alcoholic cirrhosis liver and addiction. So some extra work on liver? Liver function is only 10% and stomach has ascetic fluid.

  A) Yes! They will go into the liver and raise its function vastly. You just have to keep coming on to get its function to set in at a higher percentage, as it will drop back some after the call.

106) If we register family members do we need their permission first?

  A) The Melchizedek beings will go to the higher self of the individual to ask permission. If they approve, it allows the healing on the body level. Most people's higher self-do approve...on rare occasion, they will not because they are using their issue as a learning portion of their journey.

107) I experienced what felt like allergies with itchy eyes, sneezing, and continuously having to blow my nose.  At first I thought it could be allergies from something blooming from desert plants or releasing energies due to healing.  After several hours I wondered if it was possible I might be under a spiritual attack, so I said the 'Prayer to Remove Spiritual Attack' and within a very short time all those symptoms stopped.  My question regarding that very bizarre experience, is can a spiritual attack manifest as allergies?

  A) I have found a spiritual attack to have a physical response in the body, but more often a strange head ache, or tummy ache. Could very well be allergy like response too!

108) I rarely 'feel' anything when it comes to healing.  I have been here several times and know I should be here so I know that is not a question.  But I am afraid that I am blocking some of my healing because of a previous situation somewhere else.  Is there a way to release any block I might have to the healing?

  A) Do you feel any of the emotional releases from the heart chakra layers being pulled? I would say if you have had a bad healing experience before, it will take some time to trust. If you have a heavy emotion about that, it should break through. Just setting the intent for yourself every time before these groups, "I now release any subconscious emotion that would be blocking my FULL experience of this healing." It should help that come to the surface more quickly so you can release it.

109) Does this work to PTSD as well?

  A) Absolutely. It takes some time, and the release of several layers of emotion before the subconscious trauma patterns can be brought to the surface to be released. But it DOES set in, and it does release.

110) What is autism? Is it curable? Is it another sinister thing resulting from underground/demonic things?

  A) Often times, autism or what looks like autism is a neurological injury induced by vaccines, and other environmental elements of our current world. It seems to affect many extremely gifted and highly sensitive beings who have incarnated for this massive shift of consciousness on Earth happening now. It is part of their plan to shut more of us down, yes.

111) Psychological disorders - all spring out from hormonal ones, and those affected by healings, correct?

  A) Again psychological disorders are a result of highly sensitive individuals that are either meant to be the "shamans" of our time, or are potentially very gifted, are being targeted by entities, or drugged by society and deemed crazy, and/or, just in the case of depression/anxiety they are having a natural response to the state of this world.

112) I have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and can't walk and talk.

  A) I'm so sorry! I hope you stay on these sessions for a long time. It takes more time to work on the neuro pathways to clear them. These healings WILL help, just stay with us.

113) Could I receive healing to recover from Diabetes?

  A) Absolutely. You will need to watch if you are on insulin, as the Melchizidek beings work to restore the pancreas, you will need to adjust accordingly. Christopher works with this every day.

114) I need celestial goo around the anus, apparently thinning from hormones, so when he talks about the goo, I visualize it in the areas I need, that should work right??

  A) Oh absolutely. And when they work on the whole digestive system wrapping it on the intestines, that will include there.

115) my wife had hyoid suspension surgery last Wednesday for her sleep apnea, she did very well; However, she still has swelling under her chin and doc said it will be over a month before her swelling goes down, she is on the call with me, can we speed up the process and help expedite the healing?

  A) Absolutely this healing will assist in the recovery from that surgery and any scar tissue that may be present from it.

116) If we receive tachyon energy for Epstein Barr, do we need to stay away from the computer for 2 hours or 6 hours afterwards?

  A) If you have Lyme, Morgellons, etc. that require tachyon energy, you will want to stay clear of computer/electronics for a couple of hours at least. If you are not dealing with those issues, you are clear to use the computer.

117) I have stage 3 rectal cancer–a 5cm tumor, could you heal?

  A) Yes. Christopher works with tumors and cancer all the time. It takes some time, but the energy will fry the tumor and turn it into mush, which is then released through the lymphatic system.

118) Do we work on vision in this group?

  A) Yes! Toward the end of the session, they go into the eyes and clear any infection, rebuilding the strength of all the eye's aspects.

119) How will my life change, when I’ve reached the highest vibration and heal completely? What can expect my eternal life to start looking like?

  A) A state of total trust, a lot of synchronicity, alignment with your divine purpose and mission and a more effortless ability of processing emotion and remaining in a peaceful, balanced and often joyful place.

120) What are the keys of Enoch?

  A) Basically they are the keys of the Universe...the dynamics and "laws" of the entire multidimensional existence and the Akashi records.

121) I have a fungus in my toes and one of my toe nails turned dark, does it mean I have it in my body?

  A) Yes, it’s a form of fungal infection. They will definitely work on that!

122) I am experiencing a little pain and body aches also, is that part of the healing process?

  A) Yes, it can be. If you've just begun releasing some of these stuck energies, it can be "sore" on the body. Also, releasing and processing emotion is extremely exhausting. As emotion is the cause of most of our ailments, it does have a physical feeling when you are releasing it.

123) I have had depression/anxiety for most of my life and want to get off antidepressants successfully. What is Christopher’s experience with that?

  A) He works with a majority of people who have experienced this most of their life. Most of the time, entity attachments that are recurring are the cause of the depression. The anxiety is a common response to a lot of trapped emotion around the heart chakra. This has been resolved in every single client who continues the healing process and gets themselves to a vibrational place that the entities cannot come back in.

124) I would like to ask if Christopher can tell if someone has a spirokeets, and any hidden illness or do you need private session for that?

  A) It WOULD be a one to one thing, yes. We ALL have spirokeets in our bodies.... but in some people's bodies, the DNA was somehow damaged or is not robust enough against them, so they begin to replicate causing more serious problems, like Lyme disease, Aids, Morgellons...  There is one way to tell on these group calls, as you start to feel the energies moving, see if you can feel if it feels static, or electric like. That is the tachyon energy he applies to anyone who has the spirokeets replicating in their bodies. If it’s just warm energy, that is just the ultimate dimension energy applied to everyone else.

125) My granddaughter has a speech problem; she was born severely premature can Christopher help her?

  A) Yes, the Melchizedek beings can assist the pathways in the brain to repair them.

126) What if I don’t really feel the energy, so I really can’t tell if I am or aren’t receiving the energy?

  A) Some people need some time before they begin to feel the energies. This is due to the level of stuck emotion or pain in the body and energy body. Many souls detach some from their bodies because of the pain or you begin to have some of this released, the soul begins to embody more, and you feel more of the energies working.

127) So vaccines…my daughter is 16 and hasn’t had chicken pox. I haven’t done very many vaccines with her but am considering the chicken pox one because of don’t want her to get it as an adult because I hear it is terrible. Your thoughts?

  A) Hi Gina! Of course, we cannot officially give you any medical advice. As for personal opinion, this is extremely close to our hearts. As our daughter Arabella, is vaccine injured. What I have found in research is that the chicken pox vaccine actually increases the chance of having shingles, which is far more severe. Just do your own research and if you do anything, Read the actual vaccine insert before you make a decision. I think you can guess how we feel about big pharma. They are not here to help us for sure.

128) I have compartment syndrome in both my calves can you heal this please?

  A) That may be more of a specialized group or one to one issue. Is it chronic? This general group will certainly help bring oxygen to the calves and help the blood vessels.

129) What is your web site address?

  A) - All of the prayers are on there.

130) why do you suppose that the majority of us are denied the complete healing we so desire?

  A) I would not say anyone is denied healing. As healing happens in each individual based on their soul/ higher self and journey. It is a very deep and comprehensive journey to heal. Many of us don't realize how much we hold on to subconsciously that blocks the process. The more emotion we can process and release, the more the subconscious can be made conscious to clear completely.

131) Can Christopher help with memory?

  A) Absolutely! With memory, the melchizedek beings clear the pathways in the brain, restore the liver and other body's systems.

132) Did he say not be near the computer for this to work?

  A) If you have tachyon energy being applied (for those with spirokeets replicating) the energy of the computer blocks the intensity some, so you have to move the computer away after this healing for two hours and the intensity increases.

133) Does this help dementia?

  A) YES! The clearing of heavy metals and toxin in the pathways of the brain will help tremendously with dementia.

134) Can you please do prayer of protection again and put us all back in our portals again?

  A) There is no need for that. The portals and Merkaba fields last for hours.

135) If one does not go deep within oneself during these sessions, does that hinder its effectiveness in any way?

  A) No, not at all. Simply you showing up in the other times of the day to maintain protection and connection through the prayers.

136) A dentist wanted to remove my amalgam fillings for a huge sum. Of course that was not possible. How do I protect myself from heavy metals with these fillings still there?

  A) They will begin to clear the metals in the teeth... you may find that some fall out if you continue these healings! 

137) Christopher keeps mentioning "spirokeets" what is that?

  A) That is spirochete’s.... They come from chemtrails along with nanotech...and they replicate in the bodies of some people because their DNA is not robust enough to combat it. This creates Lyme disease, so he uses a different type of energy (tachyon) to apply to these spirochetes’ in order to fry them.

138) Can this group healing help with allergies, skin rashes, spider veins and/or crêpe-dry skin?

  A) Absolutely, it can be healed.

139) Can Lyme disease and co-infections be healed? Also, while you are still grieving losses?

  A) The Lyme can continuously be fried with the tachyon energy but it is VERY important to address the heart chakra at the same rate for that grief. Emotion does slow things somewhat. Bless you and sending love to you for your processing those losses.

140) Can Christopher tell me why I’m so fatigued especially connected to the throat area thanks

  A) If you have been doing these healings, fatigue can be part of the process as the body is working hard to process and release a lot of stuck energies. The throat area may just be the place that you have more trapped emotion or energy.

141) Can problems from electromagnetic illness be healed?

  A) Yes. Any illness associated with it can be healed and as your vibration raises, electromagnetic pulses will not affect your body anymore.

142) In your protection prayer you “command” god, can you explain?

  A) Prayers are maps of intent and they are meant to be said with divine authority. If we are divine sovereign beings OF God, then we stand in our rightful place in claiming the protection and power that is ours. God carries out what we intend when we are in complete gratitude, unconditional love and faith that It Is So. If we were to use the words 'I demand you', that is a different energy and not aligned with a true communion WITH God. Commanding your sovereign and divine right to stand WITH God in full protection carries a powerful enough energy that manifests through all space time continuum in every dimension. If we come from a place of ASKING Source/God, we are coming from a "lack of" that thing. This map of intention is a claiming that It Be So and therefore carries enough power to full manifest.

143) Why can’t we create a “map of intent”/ belief/ program that all the healings/clearings happen quickly, easily, effortlessly ~ WITHOUT any pain/discomfort? So tired of being stuck in the program of “it has to get worse before it gets better.”  

  A) It doesn't HAVE to get just sometimes does. It just depends on the person. It took a while to create the issue, it takes some time to release it, and the patterns that created it. I totally feel you and understand that sentiment. The process is for learning as well. If we just all of the sudden were healed, we wouldn't understand how and what emotion that was trapped created the experience. Hope you get what I mean by that.

144) Instead of saying, "I am of God." Could one say "I am of God/Goddess," or does that statement contain a different intent?

  A) ABSOLUTELY!!! You can say anything that connects you to Source. God/Goddess/Universe/Prime Creator/ Spaghetti Monster in the sky. LOL   Source doesn't care what it’s called.

145) What do I do with the meditations in the package that I purchased from Christopher from You Wealth -- I'm trying to understand the best way to listen and how many times/week or month -- and which ones? Can you give some guidance?

  A) We say to begin with the heart. Then go from root chakra up. I would suggest not doing more than two in a day. Just go with your intuition as to how many times you'd like to do the process. Also, if you find a lot of release happening from a specific chakra, do that one every other day for a week and see if you feel it clear. Hope that helps!

146) There's been some stuff growing in my hair and I feel itchy in my scalp at night.

  A) The Melchizedek beings will be going in to the scalp to clear any toxin or infection that may be occurring. For this general group healing, Chris can't really look at the specific healing needs of each person.

147) Is it ok to go to sleep straight after this?

  A) Absolutely!! It’s a beautiful state to be in as far as the conscious mind not being present.

148) Can someone receive the healing if they are not at their computer like remotely?

  A) Yes, anyone ON or present for the call OR just registered for the call will receive the healing.

149) can he do cell healing and shame and would it cover tense neck and shoulders as well as joints (cartilage and scar tissue), also do he look at shame and regret being the same?

  A) Yes, shame and regret energy is usually trapped in the sacral area. That is specifically well as the many layers trapped around the heart chakra, and the tense neck and shoulders is usually stress, which is released through the heart chakra. Joints, cartilage and scar tissue are addressed as well, and no, not at all. It’s just they both tend to get trapped in similar areas.

150) Can Christopher/Melchizedek help one get rid of chronic candida overgrowth and general inflammation in the body? Struggling with that a bit, and, I suspect, its's the root cause of all my physical issues.

  A) Well yes, they can absolutely address the overgrowth and inflammation. If its chronic, it might need some more specific focus for a few sessions, one to one or in a specialized group.

151) Are the scriptures in the Bible true?

  A) We feel there are truths hidden within all of religious texts, but are cloaked with half-truths and manipulations as well. It’s a matter of direct communion with Source/God as a sovereign divine being that is of most importance.

152) Just wondering how long does it usually take to heal thyroid and parathyroid issues?

  A) In general Christopher would likely say around 12 sessions...especially if they were one to one sessions. That is to see how much is surrounding the thyroid parathyroid issue. It could be a great deal of emotion that created it, or some other blockage or imbalance. So, it takes different times for every person depending on their ability to release and process what it was that created the ailment. Also, the surrender and faith and establishing that total connection with Source/God.

153) I would welcome some work on my liver as always, my test results are high for my liver still. Also herpes, hiatal hernia.

  A) Yes! All covered here.

154) Will the beings automatically use the celestial goo to heal a fractured rib?

  A) YES, they will go to any bones that need such energy for recreation.

155) what exactly is a Melchezidick being?

  A) A Melchizedek Being is considered an angelic being, only they come from the Ultimate Dimension. Many of the "angels" we are familiar with on Earth are 5th dimensional or 7th dimensional. They are all different species of "alien" beings.

156) What are the keys of Enoch?

  A) The Keys of the Universe in other words... The keys of how all the dimensions and planetary systems and realities function and levels of consciousness function.

157) My dog has an anal gland abscess, with two rounds of antibiotics and Prednisone he is doing very well (I hate using medicines but it could have ruptured.) You had mentioned parasites, were you picking up on that?  Do you mean living from earth or entities/other made?  Also he has been panting and drinking water for months. I hoped putting him on thyroid would help, it has not…I fear it’s maybe heart disease? Cushing’s? I am asking you for insight as the vet suggests all kinds of tests…which I don’t have faith will even reveal info… surgery etc. with so little money I don’t know where to cautiously start…. Just keep him in this group or an animal psychic/ healer or conventional medicine? If conventional I would like to steer him in a direction that would not waste money. How do you take care of parasites, heart, Cushing’s? Is the vet conventional? Or should I find a psychic/healer?

  A) I'm so sorry about your pup. Have you ever done a one to one with Christopher yourself? He would have the ability to remote view to see what is really happening. Even on the specialized group you could get him signed up for one of the specialized groups and then you could see what is happening with him/her. Also, remember they (our pets) process so much FOR us. They will even take on cancer for us. They are so sensitive and unconditionally loving. Consider doing a special group with your dog to at least establish what is going on.

158) What does he mean when he said that spirochetes have space time continuum energy already?

  A) He just meant that the melchizedek beings know to apply tachyon energy (space time continuum energy) to all spirochetes.

159) I was going to ask you about why I would get a bloated lower abdomen and migraines at this point. I had a lot of these issues this past week. After experiencing those past life clearings, I feel like it might be due to that! Wow! That was amazing and very powerful! I felt a shift in my lower abdomen and lots of buzzing and calming energy! My whole body felt so still and peaceful. I loved that! Thank you all and Bless you all for these healings!

  A) Yes, as the process keeps going, MANY things will come up to be processed. It’s all energy, and it will manifest physically sometimes to show it needs to be addressed. Mostly though its emotionally that it comes up. The past life clearing is SO amazing! It helped clear my throat issues. The meditation for the past life is on the website too.

160) 31

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