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the breakthrough protocol
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Agent orange
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New Breakthrough Healing Protocol

- Lyme Disease - Morgellons - HIV/AIDS 
- Agent Orange - Gulf War Syndrome - Pathogens - Nanotech

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This protocol not only removes manufactured diseases/stealth pathogens such as HIV/AIDS,

Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, Lyme, Morgellons

(which are comprised of spirochetes and nanotechnology) and vaccine related pathogens, but also viral infections such as Epstein Barr, Herpes, and other illnesses like MS, Lupus, Parkinson’s, Leukemia, Alzheimer's and the viral infections that cause cancers of all kinds.


This also includes retroviruses, bacteria, fungus, mucus, candida, and parasites not for the body’s highest good,

mold, heavy metals, radiation, nanobots, nanotechnology, nanoparticles, and AI bots. 

This protocol is also available as an option to repair the damage (namely the nanoparticles and replicating spike proteins) inflicted to anyone who has received the new experimental gene therapy injection, or those who have been around others who have.


The protocol also discharges the lymphatic system and detoxes the entire body, keeps you clear of any manipulations such as entities or remote viewers and provides Tachyon energy (during the timeline splitting portion)  and Ultimate Dimension Energy (during DNA change portion) DAILY throughout the entire process.


This new protocol not only moves these illnesses out of the body but has been profoundly changing lives where many have found a much stronger connection to Source and their own Divinity, better emotional/energetic boundaries, a deeper feeling of sovereignty, joy, peace, clarity, and alignment with their gifts and higher purpose. This protocol puts you on a much higher timeline trajectory of your Divine path where many things of the past that were not serving you may begin to leave your life.


The minimum donation for this protocol is $3600 which covers the entire 18-24 week intensive process where you are worked on every single day.  We do offer this protocol to one group of around 5-10 people per month, whenever you are ready.  


Important information

~As this protocol can be a profoundly intense journey, it is vital that one has a personal session with Christopher for him to be able to assess an individual's readiness, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


~This process is only meant to strip out the underlying causes of multiple conditions. No specific symptoms or organs are being directly worked on. There may still be some resolving of symptoms as the body is not having to work as hard once the viruses, pathogens and nanotech is stripped out. If the symptoms become too overwhelming you may want to consider doing specific healing sessions either by personal session, specialized groups or general groups. Once these viruses, pathogens and nanotechnology are stripped out and the blueprint of your own DNA is reset to its inherent robustness, the "clean up" healing of the symptoms go very quickly. 

A Message From Christopher

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